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Technology 24-06-2022

EU’s tech policy: a mid-term review

The Von der Leyen Commission recently passed its mid-term. With Andrea Garcia Rodriguez, the lead digital policy analyst at the European Policy Centre, we discussed what the EU executive has achieved in this first half of the mandate and potential...
Technology 10-06-2022

The EU’s situation on copyright infringements and counterfeiting

Measures addressing copyright infringements and counterfeiting are often a hot topic in EU digital policies. We discussed what is the state of play and trends in the EU with Alexandra Poch, Deputy Director of the European Observatory on Infringements of...
Technology 03-06-2022

The digital approach of the upcoming Czech Presidency

EURACTIV caught up with the Czech Deputy Prime Minister for Digitisation, Ivan Bartoš, directly from Luxembourg during the Telecoms Council. We discussed the approach of the upcoming Czech Presidency to the open questions of the AI Act and Data Act,...
Technology 27-05-2022

CSAM proposal: children first, privacy second?

The European commission has unveiled on 11 May its long-awaited proposal to fight against child sexual abuse material online, or CSAM in short. While children’s organisations have been receiving this regulation very well, it also sparked a lot on concerns...
Technology 20-05-2022

Cyber norms: Germany is not walking the talk

Alexandra Paulus, Fellow for International Cybersecurity Policy with the German think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, explains what cyber norms are, who shapes them and whether Germany is actually practising what it preaches.
Technology 13-05-2022

NIS2 – All you need to know

The EU legislators have just reached an agreement on the revised Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2), flagship cybersecurity legislation. We caught up with the European Parliament’s rapporteur Bart Groothuis straight out of the trilogue to get all the details...
Technology 06-05-2022

GAFAM tax or fair contribution?

This week, Commissioner Breton announced a new initiative to make online platforms contribute to the cost of digital infrastructure. We discuss the reasoning behind this proposal, possible precedents and main practical issues that it will need to address with Gerard...