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Global Europe 01-02-2019

Europeans open new trade channel to Iran, bypassing US sanctions

Britain, France and Germany on Thursday (31 January) launched a trade mechanism to bypass US sanctions on Iran, drawing praise from Tehran – and a warning from Washington.
Global Europe 15-10-2015

EU condemns Tehran for execution of ‘forced-marriage’ female

The European Union has condemned Iran for carrying out the death penalty on a woman whose crime was committed when she was just 17.
Global Europe 29-11-2012

UN should hold Iraq representative accountable

A consequence of the failure's of the UN Special Representative for Iraq is that his actions are making the international community lose credibility, argues British MP David Amess.
Global Europe 22-10-2012

A new president and a new Iran

What is missing from the US presidential discussions is a strategy that acknowledges the Iranian people’s desire for democratic change, whilst at the same time recognising the role that the Iranian resistance will play in the future of the country, says Brian Binley.
Global Europe 16-10-2012

Iran’s opposition sets sights on Tehran

Iran’s rulers have every reason to be anxious. Whether real change is achieved is dependent on world powers harnessing the opposition’s momentum and backing their calls for grassroots change, writes Ivan Sascha Sheehan.