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5G 26-04-2019

UK minister: Huawei leaks ‘unacceptable’, criminal investigation possible

British culture minister Jeremy Wright said on Thursday (25 April) he could not rule out a criminal investigation over the “unacceptable” disclosure of confidential discussions on the role of China’s Huawei Technologies in 5G network supply chains.
Digital 09-09-2016

Commission will ‘try harder’ on 90-day roaming charge limit

European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday ordered officials to draw up new plans for the EU's landmark free mobile phone roaming policy after it ran into fierce criticism.
Development Policy 17-06-2016

Andrus Ansip wants European aid to finance the African digital market

Digital development should be put at the heart of the EU's aid policy, the Commissioner for the Digital Single Market, Andrus Ansip, said at the European Development Days event in Brussels. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 23-05-2016

Investors warn UK referendum ‘already causing a short-term effect’

According to Global Infrastructure Investor Association head Andy Rose, members of his organisation, including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, see Europe as an attractive place to invest. But, he warned, the upcoming Brexit  referendum is causing negative “short-term effects”.
Development Policy 28-01-2016

INFOGRAPHIC: An increasingly-connected developing world

Despite the fact that costs are still high, internet access and mobile phone use is becoming increasingly widespread, including in developing countries.
Digital 06-12-2013

Ministers give telecoms proposals tepid approval, timing in doubt

European ministers yesterday (5 December) gave conditional support for the European Commission’s 'Connected Continent' proposals for greater harmonisation of the EU telecoms markets, but cast doubt over the substance and timing.
Digital 24-10-2013

Chinese telco boss: ‘The EU leads on 5G research’

Ryan Ding, the chief executive for carrier networks at Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, believes that a major revolution is under way in ICT, with cloud-computing at its core. He tells EURACTIV how Europe is leading the way when it comes to research on super-fast next generation 5G networks but is too slow when it comes to actual network deployment.
Digital 20-06-2013

Mobile makes most value of spectrum: Report

The economic value of radio frequency spectrum used by mobile phones will almost double over the next 10 years as a result of smartphone and super-fast broadband use, says a report to be published today (20 June).
Digital 16-05-2013

Commission ‘ready to fire’ in China telecoms probe

The European Commission warned China on Wednesday (15 May) it was ready to launch an investigation into anti-competitive behaviour by producers of mobile telecommunications equipment, but stopped short of beginning proceedings.
Digital 06-05-2013

De Gucht juggles politics, diplomacy in high-stakes China gambit

Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht could take action this week against two Chinese telecommunications companies over allegations they benefit from state subsidies, a move that could hobble negotiations and precipitate a trade war.
Digital 09-04-2013

EU blocks German plan for higher fixed phone rates

The European Commission blocked plans by Germany to raise the fees operators such as Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone charge each other to connect fixed-line phone calls, in a sign of how Brussels is seeking to influence telecoms policy.
Digital 27-02-2013

Kroes pushes telecoms single market to handle ‘spaghetti spectrum’

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe's Commissioner for the digital agenda, Neelie Kroes, called yesterday (26 February) for a true single market in telecommunications to overcome sluggish spectrum sales by EU member states and to prevent governments pocketing the cash proceeds. EURACTIV reports from the GSMA conference in Barcelona.
Digital 09-01-2013

Telecom firms reportedly in talks over pan-Europe network

Europe's top telecommunication companies are discussing the creation of a pan-European infrastructure network to unite the region's disjointed national markets, according to a newspaper report on Wednesday (9 January).
Digital 22-05-2012

Telecoms accused of ambushing internet through rule change

Telecommunications regulations, set for an overhaul later this year, could be expanded to give the mobile sector sweeping new powers over the internet, international leading players representing the web have claimed.  
Digital 19-03-2012

Telecom firms in scramble for cashless mobile wallets

The United Kingdom’s three largest mobile operators filed an application with the European Commission for approval of a new cashless mobile wallet venture last week, joining a Dutch proposal under consideration by the EU executive against a background of growing international competition.
Cybersecurity 02-03-2012

Industry accepts responsibility for security fears over cloud

Threats to cyber security and privacy are real and must be addressed by industry as cloud computing pushes technology into a hyper-connected phase, senior telecommunications executives warned at the Mobile World Congress.

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