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Digital & Media 05-10-2017

Internet of things: Litmus test of the EU’s will to create a digital single market

The internet of things is at a crucial turning point. EU policymakers need to create the right environment to help it grow, write Brian Humphries and Joakim Reiter.
Digital & Media 19-09-2017

A call for innovation-friendly ePrivacy rules

The EU's draft ePrivacy regulation risks crippling innovative cloud computing services, writes Kim Gagné.
Digital & Media 10-04-2017

Europe’s digital union is stuck in Brussels

A draft EU telecoms law could cause major economic growth and create jobs, but there is a high risk it could be diluted by the Brussels compromise machine, write Steven Tas and Lise Fuhr.
Digital & Media 24-02-2017

Dreaming big can help reform gigabit society

Europe’s digital transformation will connect previously-isolated rural communities and create jobs in multiple sectors, as well as improving individual wellbeing through eHealth solutions and encouraging SMEs to flourish, writes Pierre Louette.
Digital & Media 07-09-2016

A US internet giant is doing what the EU refused to do to improve emergency calls

The European Commission is missing a big chance to give the emergency number 112 a needed boost, writes Gary Machado.
Nokia Networks
Digital & Media 20-10-2015

Europe’s digital transformation hinges on modern infrastructure

Quality connectivity and mobility are critical if Europe’s strong vertical industries are to take a leading role in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, writes Markus Borchert.
Digital & Media 08-11-2007

New telecoms package: towards a single eCommunication market

The Commission's telecommunications reform is "substantial" and should "integrate very fast technological development and globalisation" in the field, writes André Ferron in the October edition of Confrontations Europe.

“Internet @ Europe: Overcoming institutional fragmentation and policy failure”

Summary by euractiv.com In an article entitled “Internet @ Europe: Overcoming institutional fragmentation and policy failure” (European Integration Online Papers, 25 June 2001), Raymund Werle addresses changes in EU policy making and links this to the development of the internet...
Digital & Media 31-01-2003

A help line for European telcos

The incumbents must adapt their organizations and acquire new skills to win the war of inches against their attackers. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2003 Number 1 Europe’s incumbent telecom operators are heavily in debt following their ambitious expansion efforts in the...
Digital & Media 13-12-2002

Telecom: Advantage France and Germany

  The United States still leads the pack in fixed-line services. But France and Germany have the advantage in mobile ones. The McKinsey Quarterly, 2003 Number 1 The enormous productivity growth in telecommunications that Germany and France experienced during the late...
Digital & Media 11-07-2002

Comparative Assessment of the Licensing Regimes for 3G in the EU and their Impact on the Mobile Comm

  Comparative Assessment of the Licensing Regimes for 3G Mobile Communications in the European Union and their Impact on the Mobile Communications Sector What regulatory lessons can be learned from the Third Generation Mobile Licensing Process in the European Union...