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Digital 22-10-2018

Sparking a digital revolution against chronic disease

Last month, the Broadband Commission Working Group on Digital Health released a new report on how digital technologies can address the growing challenge of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and pave the way to universal health care coverage in low- and middle-income countries, write Ann Aerts and Harald Nusser.
Health 16-04-2010

Tele-medicine improves patient care

Numerous pilot projects have confirmed that tele-medicine brings benefits for healthcare providers, insurers and patients – particularly reduced costs – and although risks and obstacles remain, the environment for tele-medicine is set to improve in the coming years, writes Dr. Uwe Perlitz from Deutsche Bank Research in a March paper.
Health 23-02-2010

Industry fears legal barriers to telehealth

The European medical technology industry says fragmented legal systems are stifling the evolution of IT solutions for healthcare across the EU.