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Energy 04-12-2017

Lifetime extension of nuclear plants is big problem for EU power sector

More and more nuclear power plants run for a longer period than originally planned. It is therefore high time that those term extensions become a European issue, Claus Mayr of the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union told EURACTIV Germany in an interview.
Central Europe 04-12-2012

Clinton presses Czechs to pick US nuclear reactors

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought to convince Czech leaders yesterday (3 December) to pick US firm Westinghouse over a Russian rival for a €8 billion nuclear power project, the country's biggest-ever public energy tender.
Central Europe 04-07-2012

France, US and Russia bid for Czech nuclear plant

  Czech energy company ?EZ announced it has received bids from French, American and Russian companies to build two new reactors at the Temelín nuclear power plant.
Enlargement 01-08-2001

Austrian leaders fight over EU enlargement

Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel has criticised his government coalition partner, Jörg Haider, for his campaign against EU enlargement. Mr Haider, leader of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party, demands more EU aid for Austria's border regions in order to avoid Vienna's veto to enlargement. He has also threatened to veto Czech membership of the EU unless the Czech Republic closes down the nuclear power plant in Temelin.
Enlargement 11-10-2000

Czech nuclear plant row continues

Czech government is ready to seek EU help to unblock the border with Austria, closed by anti-nuclear protestors.
Enlargement 07-09-2000

EP concerned with Czech nuclear plant

European Parliament expressed concern about the Czech nuclear power station Temelin.