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Low-skilled workers

Recession hit low-skilled workers hardest, data shows

Employment and recruitment activity in the European Union significantly decreased during the economic crisis (2008-2012), leaving low-skilled workers overtaken by medium-skilled ones, while flexible job contracts mushroomed, a fresh report from the European Commission showed.

Temp workers lead EU, US recovery

A sharp increase in temporary work - a traditional leading indicator of in the early phase of recovery - shows that many European countries and the United States are pulling out of recession, an industry association said yesterday (23 June).

Job agencies will see first ‘green shoots’

An upturn in activity for temporary job agencies will be one of the first signs of recovery in the employment market, according to Denis Pennel of Eurociett, the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies. But with business currently down 40% in some countries, there is no hint of an upturn.

MEPs back stronger rights for temporary workers

The European Parliament's employment committee yesterday (7 October) approved a controversial directive putting temporary workers on equal terms with their 'regular' colleagues regarding pay and working hours from their first day of employment.

East European workers face ‘modern slavery’ in old Europe

Migrant workers from the EU's Eastern member states face systematic discrimination when moving to work in 'old Europe', according to a new report presented on Monday (15 September) at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels (CEPS).

Study: New EU members work above European average

According to a recent report, a striking gap in working time continues to exist between countries that joined the EU after 2004 and the other 15 members. Among those working longer hours, Bulgaria, Romania and the UK are well ahead of their European neighbours.

Ministers seek deal on key EU labour laws

EU employment ministers hope to break a double stalemate on temporary agency workers and the working time directive when they meet in Luxembourg today (9 June), paving the way for the European Commission to present a comprehensive social package in three weeks' time. 

London clears way for temporary workers’ rights

Social partners and the UK Government have reached an agreement to grant equal treatment to workers employed via temporary work agencies, clearing the way for an EU directive on the issue, which could be launched as early as next June.

EU ministers bow to Brown over working time, temp work

An agreement on the working time directive and temporary agency work had to be postponed after UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown linked the issue to the EU Treaty and threatened to boycott the signing ceremony in Lisbon next week.

Ministers to adopt slimmed-down labour market proposals

Employment ministers gathering in Brussels on 5 and 6 December are set to adopt dossiers on flexicurity, company pensions and temporary agency work.  Some projects, however, will only be presented as watered-down versions.

EU edges toward agreement on temporary work

After a quarter of a century of discussions, the EU is on the brink of reaching an agreement on a Directive regulating temporary work after the UK seemed to soften its position on the issue, accepting the principle of equal treatment of temporary workers in exchange for liberalisation of the sector.

EU social partners will discuss temporary work

UNICE announced that it will start discussions with trade unions on improving the working conditions for temporary agency workers