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Energy 28-04-2020

COVID-19 crisis upsets Germany’s coal phase-out timetable

In Germany, the coronavirus health crisis is keeping politics on tenterhooks as many legislative proposals are being postponed. Will the country's coal phase-out carry on as planned? EURACTIV Germany reports.
Central Europe 13-11-2014

Romanian anti-corruption chief: Fraud often begins when tenders are written

SPECIAL REPORT: Often those who write the technical specifications of tenders play a key role in the corruption schemes for public procurement, the Chief Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Directorate of Romania (DNA) Laura Codru?a Kövesi told EURACTIV Romania.
Central Europe 13-11-2014

Confiscation of criminal profits reluctantly applied in Romania

SPECIAL REPORT: The European Commission considers confiscation a strategic priority in the fight against organised crime and corruption. However, Bucharest is still hesitant to introduce this practice. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Central Europe 12-11-2014

Romanian civil society requests public tenders oversight

SPECIAL REPORT: Public procurement should be monitored in real time by civil society, in order to detect violations, the director of Freedom House Romania has recommended.
Fraud [Georgi Gotev]
Central Europe 11-11-2014

Fraud complainants in Romania face €100,000 bill

SPECIAL REPORT: Romanian public procurement legislation was modified significantly this year by the government, which introduced restrictive conditions for lodging a complaint against suspected fraud. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Central Europe 10-11-2014

Journalism project uncovers public procurement fraud in Romania

SPECIAL REPORT: Public procurement in Romania is a €17 billion market, but more than 60% of procedures are hit by complaints. A new project has highlighted fraud and irregularities in the system, and suggested how to improve the situation. EURACTIV Romania reports.