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  • ISIS in Würzburg

    Security 22-07-2016

    Following an axe attack on a Bavarian commuter train on Monday (18 July) by an Afghan asylum seeker claiming allegiance to ISIS, Germany’s news media were awash with reports that the terrorist organisation had finally staged a successful attack. EURACTIV.com news editor Joel Schalit, was almost there.

  • Brexit: A very British drama, a very European challenge

    Brexit 22-07-2016

    We must not fall prey to the idea that Brexit is the start of an "unravelling" of the EU, write Enrico Letta, Yves Bertoncini and other members of the Jacques Delors Institute.

  • Nice through Israeli eyes

    Security 18-07-2016

    As though on cue, Israelis are always quick to offer advice to Western allies following an Islamist terrorist attack. After Nice, EURACTIV.com News Editor Joel Schalit muses on why they do it, and what can be really learned from Israel.

  • Easy target for terrorists: Armenia’s Metsamor nuclear plant

    Defence and security 07-07-2016

    The Metsamor nuclear power plant in Armenia is an easy target for nuclear terrorism and an immense danger in the European neighbourhood, writes Eli Hadzhieva.

  • The EU’s collective security: Stronger together!

    Security 17-06-2016

    The people of Europe are facing a multi-faceted security challenge that they need to confront together, whatever the outcome on 23 June. "Collective security" needs to be placed at the very heart of the European construction, write Jacques Delors, António Vitorino, Pascal Lamy, Enrico Letta and Yves Bertoncini.

  • Nuclear alarm from Armenia


    The nuclear threat from Armenia should not be taken lightly, writes Ilgar Gurbanov.

  • Youth organisations have role to play in tackling violent radicalisation

    Social Europe & Jobs 20-05-2016

    Europe needs to build communities, provide opportunities for youths and strengthen education efforts in order to overcome the threat of violent extremism, writes Tibor Navracsics.

  • Europe can do more to safeguard religious minorities

    Global Europe 26-04-2016

    The suicide bombings on Easter Sunday in Lahore, Pakistan, should act as a reminder that the European Union needs a high-level office in charge of freedom of religion and belief in the world, writes Sophia Kuby.

  • New data protection rules fit for our digital age

    Digital 14-04-2016

    Today (14 April), the European Parliament adopted a historic reform of EU data protection legislation, which will come into force in two years’ time. It promises to bring real EU-wide benefits, write Jan Philipp Albrecht, Marju Lauristin and Věra Jourová.

  • France confronts Germany on defence

    Global Europe 11-04-2016

    For the French, building a European military force around France and Germany is the necessary precondition for any solution to Europe’s growing challenges. But this goes counter to Germany’s fundamental sense of self, and its interests, writes George Friedman.

  • The week when Europe was hit by a perfect storm

    EU Priorities 2020 08-04-2016

    The result of the Dutch referendum was the latest in a series of serious setbacks for the European project. The second week of April could be remembered as the moment when all the fronts in Europe’s multifaceted crisis started to converge, writes Jorge Valero.

  • Erdogan’s not mad, he’s ruthless

    Global Europe 06-04-2016

    If President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is going to become the single centre of power in Turkey, he must crush his domestic opposition and the PKK, and with its refugee deal, the EU is helping him do that, writes George Friedman.