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France targets ‘low-cost’ terror financing at UN

France's finance minister is pushing for global standards to prevent small, anonymous money transfers believed to be used to finance attacks such as Islamic State's assault on Paris in November.
Michel Sapin

France eyes European system to track terrorism finance

In the absence of better cooperation from Washington, France wants European countries to set up their own system to track terrorism finance.

EU wins concessions on US bank data-sharing deal

The European Parliament yesterday (24 June) clinched approval for greater EU oversight of US investigations into the financial activity of terror suspects within Europe.

EU to approve new anti-terror data sharing deal with US

Despite staunch German opposition to parts of a draft EU-US bank data-sharing deal to counter terrorism, EU ministers will today (23 April) give the European Commission their blessing to renegotiate the revised agreement.
Trade & Society 18-03-2010

EU, US re-assess SWIFT data-sharing deal

Socialist MEPs today (18 March) returned from two days of talks with high-level US officials, including Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, to explore grounds for a compromise on the SWIFT data-sharing agreement, after an interim deal was blocked by the European Parliament last month. 

MEPs say ‘no’ to SWIFT

The European Parliament today (11 February) refused to rubber-stamp the interim SWIFT agreement between the EU and the US on the transfer of citizens' financial data to prevent terrorist attacks, dealing a blow to both EU governments and US authorities using SWIFT.