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EU wins concessions on US bank data-sharing deal

The European Parliament yesterday (24 June) clinched approval for greater EU oversight of US investigations into the financial activity of terror suspects within Europe.

Parliament set to derail EU-US anti-terror talks

A new EU-US anti-terror agreement still infringes the European Union's laws on data protection and civil liberties, say MEPs who, following talks with the European Commission today (10 June), plan to vote against the accord. 

EU seeks transatlantic privacy rules

Pending the approval of the EU's rotating presidency, Brussels will start negotiations with the US aimed at reconciling a transatlantic divide in the protection of citizens' personal data. The talks mark a U-turn in the bloc's approach to EU-US anti-terror investigations.

EU, US restart talks to clinch June anti-terror deal

The European Commission and the US Treasury yesterday (11 May) began a series of talks on the contested financial data sharing deal to combat terrorism in an effort to clinch an agreement before the end of June 2010, Commission sources said. 

MEPs to restrict US access to anti-terror data

The European Parliament wants to see plans for an EU-based financial data authority before striking a new EU-US financial data sharing deal to combat terrorism, according to members of the legislature's justice committee, LIBE.

EU to launch anti-terror finance tracking plan

To resolve the internal strife in Brussels on sharing financial data with the US, the European Commission yesterday announced (24 March) it would seek to create an EU 'Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme' (TFTP), based on the one in the USA, which was created after the 9/11 attacks.

MEPs say ‘no’ to SWIFT

The European Parliament today (11 February) refused to rubber-stamp the interim SWIFT agreement between the EU and the US on the transfer of citizens' financial data to prevent terrorist attacks, dealing a blow to both EU governments and US authorities using SWIFT.

Yes to SWIFT unlikely as vote in limbo

A debate in the European Parliament last night cast a cloud of uncertainty over a vote scheduled today (11 February) on an agreement between the EU and the US on the transfer of citizens' financial data to prevent terrorist attacks.