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Politics 21-05-2019

The Brief, powered by WindEurope – Fat Balkan lies

There is a saying that “the biggest lies come before elections, during a war and after hunting”.
Brexit 17-05-2019

The Brief, powered by ifaw – Boris v Farage to be the British Trump

“Of course I'm going to go for it," said Boris Johnson of the upcoming Conservative leadership race on Thursday. That shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Johnson has been positioning himself for the leadership for years.
Future EU 16-05-2019

The Brief, powered by ifaw – Europe’s Formula One lesson

Strange as it may sound, the EU could learn a lot from the glitzy and nostalgic world of Formula One, which recently underwent the ‘big refresh’ many people want for the European project.
EU Elections 2019 15-05-2019

The Brief, powered by ifaw – Black Box Brussels

Nobody can deny that the Spitzenkandidaten competing for the votes of European citizens remain largely unknown outside the Brussels bubble. Maybe adding a bit more fluff and glitter to the European election circus would do the trick.
EU Elections 2019 14-05-2019

The Brief, powered by ifaw – Game of Thrones

During last week’s ‘Future of Europe’ summit, the figures on the chessboard moved again and the stage has been largely set for the new edition of the EU’s own Game of Thrones. **no spoilers ahead** Starting on 23 May, Europe takes...
EU Elections 2019 13-05-2019

The Brief powered by ifaw- Is the S&D losing its D?

There was a time when the European Parliament's contingent of socialist were socialists and nothing else. But could that be all set to change?

The Brief powered by CITA – ‘Verfassungspatriotismus’

On May 8, 1949, Germany’s Basic Law (Grundgesetz) was adopted, thus laying the fundament for its constitution - and democracy. In times of rising populism in Europe, a 70th birthday worth celebrating beyond the German frontiers.
EURoad2Sibiu 06-05-2019

The Brief, powered by CITA – Taboo talk in Transylvania

EU leaders gather in the Romanian city of Sibiu this week to talk about the future of Europe but what kind of chat will be off limits over coffee and cake?
Digital 03-05-2019

The Brief – Europe’s ‘free’ media

Back in those bygone days during my journalism studies, I memorized a quote that from time to time I turn to as a means to reify the importance of my craft, in a world ever blighted by existential challenges to the industry.
Enlargement 30-04-2019

The Brief – EU enlargement, the untold story

Isn’t the EU schizophrenic? Jean-Claude Juncker has just given a very positive assessment of the 2004 “big bang” enlargement. At the same time, older EU members don’t dare mention the prospect of new countries from the Western Balkans joining the...
Enlargement 29-04-2019

The Brief – An afternoon in Berlin

Today is one of those days when it’s nice to step outside the EU bubble, leave behind the whole election spiel and walk into the cool shade of the Western Balkans, where things unfold at a more leisurely pace.
EU Elections 2019 26-04-2019

The Brief – The Zombie-Factor

It is one month to go until the European elections, the campaign is starting in earnest and the favourite sport of political pundits around Europe has become trying to predict the outcome of the elections. But can we really?
Brexit 25-04-2019

The Brief – Cowering from Saint Nigel of Brexit

“If we have one, we will let you know about it,” a Downing Street spokesman told reporters on Wednesday when asked when the Conservative party would be launching their European election campaign. While Nigel Farage’s newly formed Brexit party used...

The Brief – Green is the new black

Politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are talking more and more about a 'Green New Deal' as climate change concerns start to actually take hold. But can Europe’s leaders square the worries of the gilets jaunes with the gilets jeunes?
EU Elections 2019 23-04-2019

The Brief – Europe, the big absent in Spanish election debate

Spain is heading for general elections on Sunday (28 April). In the first electoral debate ahead of the vote, barely a month before the crucial EU-wide elections, none of the main candidates made a single mention of the EU.
Politics 18-04-2019

The Brief – Tales from the ‘Bourg

MEPs closed the Strasbourg shop this week before the EU elections and EURACTIV was there to see all the comings and goings. What happens in Alsace, definitely does not stay in Alsace...
Politics 16-04-2019

The Brief – Against all odds

If the race for the EU's top job this summer really comes down to a choice between Manfred Weber and Michel Barnier, the outcome might still surprise us.
Economy & Jobs 15-04-2019

The Brief – Trade at any cost

The elusive transatlantic trade deal is back alive and kicking but how much will Europe’s supposed principles actually be worth when the chips are down?
Global Europe 12-04-2019

The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – The biggest election in the world

The European Commission is looking forward to advancing "the strong and broad EU-India partnership across all areas of our bilateral and multilateral agenda," an EU spokesperson told EURACTIV after the Indian elections began on Thursday (11 April).
Politics 11-04-2019

The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – Could Labour land Timmermans the top job?

The twists and turns of Brexit never stop. It is now increasingly likely that UK citizens will take part in the European elections in May, and might even play a decisive role. If the EU elections were held with the UK...
Brexit 10-04-2019

The Brief powered by CEN-CENELEC – Brexit black holes

Who says eurocrats don’t have a sense of irony? A European Commission press release landed in unsuspecting inboxes on Wednesday afternoon (10 April), breathlessly proclaimed that EU-funded scientists had successfully captured the first image of a black hole.
Politics 09-04-2019

The Brief powered by CEN-CENELEC- Juncker and the press

A hopefully useful exchange took place at the Commission midday briefing on Monday and Tuesday (8-9 April) about whether Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is accessible to the press. The midday briefing is the best place to take the EU temperature....
Politics 08-04-2019

The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – Echoes from the nationalist Internationale

Matteo Salvini’s master plan to bring together the entire European right did not get off to a great start, as no representatives of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally or Austria’s ruling Freedom Party (FPÖ) showed up at a conference he called in Milan today.
Politics 05-04-2019

The Brief – 拯救穆斯林

His eyes have been gouged from his face and his skin has been scratched out in a mad and impassioned frenzy. These are the murals of Buddha at the Bezeklik caves, near the ancient ruins of Gaochang in the Mutou Valley, China.

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