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Climate change 20-04-2018

The Brief – Climate dominoes

The EU wants to prove that its climate action credentials are genuine, which means being top of the class in taking the Paris Agreement seriously. That could all hinge on a series of meetings scheduled for next month. So no pressure then…
Politics 19-04-2018

The Brief – Ermine-clad soft-Brexit warriors

The House of Lords, with its ermine clad members, is hard to love. Unelected, the members have an average age of 69. A retirement home for political grandees and business moguls, it makes the House of Commons seem like a beacon of multi-cultural modernity.
Elections 18-04-2018

The Brief – Selmayr stays. What next?

Is the Selmayr affair closed? That, at least, is how the Commission reads the resolution adopted by the European Parliament today. 
Politics 17-04-2018

The Brief – Campaigning in the gutter

Propaganda is as old as language, and political campaigning is a grubby old game. As long as there have been elections, politicians and their advisors have been lying to voters.
Global Europe 16-04-2018

The Brief – What will we do without the dirty Brits?

The EU's much-touted common defence and security policy was nowhere to be seen in the past week, just when the world came dangerously close to the verge of a US-Russia conflict over Syria.
Elections 13-04-2018

The Brief – Mattarella’s Hodgepodge conjecture

Cracking one of the unsolved Millennium Prize Problems entitles talented mathematicians to a $1 million reward. Venerable Italian President Sergio Mattarella has an even more difficult equation to solve as government-forming talks seem futile.
Digital 12-04-2018

The Brief – The wording war against ‘killer robots’

Killer robots may not speak Spanish as well as Terminator. But they could be as destructive as that famous killing machine with an Austrian accent in the not too distant future.
Digital 11-04-2018

The Brief – ‘Thank you, Mr Zuckerberg’

Europeans are feeling smug one month before the EU's landmark data protection regulation comes into effect.
Brexit 10-04-2018

The Brief – The long Good Friday

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement – a political deal that put an end to decades of terror and tensions.
Politics 09-04-2018

The Brief – Economics by populism

One of the reasons so many voted for Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz yesterday is the good state of the Hungarian economy.

The Brief – Spain’s judicial headaches

Spain became embroiled this week in various judicial quagmires. Cases affecting two fugitives, one of its nationals abroad and a foreigner in the Peninsula, tested the relationship between politics and justice, and Spain’s handling of the Catalan issue.
Global Europe 05-04-2018

The Brief: You pay to make ‘em stay

The EU’s migration pact with Turkey is one of the few successes in the bloc’s attempts to move together on migration.