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Future EU 25-02-2020

The Brief – Was darf Satire?

The times we live in, with their Trumps, Putins and Erdogans, are screaming for satire.
Health 24-02-2020

The Brief – The real threat from COVID-19

The coronavirus epidemic COVID-19 is an insult to liberal-minded people who advocate an open world and economy without borders. In a very short time, it has brought out the worse instincts in people: fear of the alien and of another...
Future EU 21-02-2020

The Brief – Late-night MFF ennui

EU budget banter is all the rage it seems. One EU official posted a picture on Twitter of his shirt supply – four, if you’re asking – in anticipation of several hard days of summitry.
Economy & Jobs 20-02-2020

The Brief – The hidden story behind the EU’s new budget

Budgets are hardly inspiring stuff for the general public, but they also tell interesting stories about shifting priorities and power struggles, which are usually not made explicit. As EU leaders hold a special summit on EU finances, EURACTIV reveals the hidden story behind the EU budget.
Economy & Jobs 19-02-2020

The Brief – It’s the (green) economy, stupid!

The issue of who will be the CDU’s next leader is not the only fertile ground for political discussion in Germany these days. The future Tesla construction site on the outskirts of Berlin has prompted a debate of equal intensity.
Politics 18-02-2020

The Brief – Eurocrats are people too

The EU is ostensibly on a green crusade at the moment, with grand proclamations and plans aimed at burnishing our environmental credentials. But it requires a huge human resources effort, which may prove more testing than the climate challenge.
Enlargement 17-02-2020

The Brief – Why is America eclipsing the EU in the Balkans?

It’s very rare to witness first-hand an acceleration of history, and this is precisely what is happening in the Balkans now. In a very short time, Serbia and Kosovo took huge steps towards normalising their relations.
Elections 14-02-2020

The Brief – A divided isle

There’s never a good time to have a political crisis but the one when your country is about to work out a complex new border arrangement with its closest neighbour must be among the worst.
Future EU 13-02-2020

The Brief – It’s sardine o’clock

That German citizens are taking to the streets - peacefully but firmly - means a great deal to a country that has turned the search for compromise into a real political art.
Future EU 12-02-2020

The Brief – Don’t ask too much of the Erasmus generation

The suggestion of an ‘internal’ Italian Erasmus, put forward by the 'sardines' grassroots movement, has garnered mixed reactions in the Italian public, ranging from hilarity to praise.
Health 11-02-2020

The Brief – What if Coronavirus reaches Africa?

Amongst mounting concern about the coronavirus outbreak, EU health ministers will gather in Brussels on Thursday to discuss Europe’s readiness to face a potential large-scale epidemic of the virus.
Politics 10-02-2020

The Brief: An Irish revolution

Ireland's general election at the weekend has marked a watershed moment in the country's political history, but the biggest winners, Sinn Féin, may not even take part in the next government.
Global Europe 07-02-2020

The Brief – A lucrative day’s work

Getting €93,000 for one day’s work is a lucrative business in almost anyone’s world – unless, perhaps, you are a Kardashian. It’s slightly more than Lionel Messi earns and nearly four times as much as Cristiano Ronaldo racks up on a bar bill.
Future EU 06-02-2020

The Brief – The Friends of Corruption

The ‘Friends of Cohesion’ have a very good argument for the upcoming Battle of the Budget. Cohesion money should not be slashed down – it’s in the utter interest of the EU to become more homogeneous, the sooner, the better....
Future EU 05-02-2020

The Brief – Stop talking about (Br)exits

Even before the European Parliament sealed the Brexit bill for good and the United Kingdom left the EU after a long tug-of-war, a lot of pundits wondered who could be the next in line to walk down the escape way...
Future EU 04-02-2020

The Brief – How many Orbans can dance on the head of a pin?

The European People’s Party (EPP) leadership failed to expel Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party from its ranks on Monday. It's the usual European way of kicking the can down the road. But the real question that needs to be answered now is how many little Orbáns are hiding behind the Hungarian leader and his ideas.
Future EU 03-02-2020

The Brief – Europe should listen to the Brits – they’re always right

For the remaining 27 members, the post-Brexit period which starts this week should open a serious discussion about the European Union’s purpose and future direction. Failure to move forward could well mean slow disintegration for the European project.
Brexit 31-01-2020

The Brief – Brexit Retrospective

B-Day is upon us. At midnight, the Brits are out, closing another chapter in the Brexit saga (and in EU history). Looking back on the last three years, EURACTIV has been there through thick and thin.
Future EU 30-01-2020

The Brief – Could the EU follow the fate of Yugoslavia?

For all of us who lived through the collapse of Yugoslavia, the moment when the Slovenian delegation walked out on a 1990 Communist Party congress in Belgrade stayed ingrained in our collective consciousness. The emotional scenes witnessed in the European Parliament on Wednesday brought back those memories.
Economy & Jobs 29-01-2020

The Brief – Who will be the next Eurogroup president?

The race for the Eurogroup presidency is (unofficially) on and it is still unclear if the current holder, Portuguese Finance Minister Mario Centeno, will stay in the job. But the names of possible candidates to chair eurozone meetings during a critical period for the common currency are already doing the rounds.
Brexit 28-01-2020

The Brief – Don’t pull up the drawbridge

The end of freedom of movement is one of the most iconic changes heralded by the UK’s exit from the European Union this week. The days of EU nationals being able to able to move to the UK and find...
Enlargement 27-01-2020

The Brief – Is Mini Schengen all it’s cracked up to be?

Diplomats are still wondering what’s behind the initiative of Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia, who last October decided to advance regional cooperation by forming a so-called “mini-Schengen” in the Western Balkans.
Future EU 24-01-2020

The Brief – Imagine… the future of Europe

The EU is planning yet another reflection about its future, this time consulting European citizens. It will take place after Brexit becomes a fact and last about two years. The idea to engage with citizens is good, that’s what democracy...
Brexit 23-01-2020

The Brief – A time for generosity

Boris Johnson will probably never be as powerful as he is now. A big majority, an opposition that is broken, possibly terminally. So he can afford a little generosity. But for the moment, unfortunately, he’s not prepared to offer it...

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