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  • The Brief – Trading places

    News | Politics 15-01-2019

    As the European elections draw ever closer, EU leaders are quietly manoeuvring into position the candidates they want to install in the next European Commission. Here are some of the latest developments.

  • The Brief, powered by Metal Packaging Europe – Words matter

    News | Global Europe 14-01-2019

    Although the idea of a European army dates back to the first post-war military cooperation attempts in the 1950s, confusion continues to sour the debate and haunt the European security community.

  • The Brief – Don’t blacklist journalists

    News | Enlargement 11-01-2019

    “Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug”, the Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler sang in 1991, a perfect illustration of the everyday life of politicians but also journalists. Here is a story about journalists and a politician, which has been …

  • The Brief, powered by Metal Packaging Europe – Blur

    News 09-01-2019

    Shortly before Christmas, the German news magazine Der Spiegel, one of the country’s most prestigious publications, revealed what many thought unthinkable: that it has been deceived for years by one of its top reporters who turned out to have successfully blurred the frontier between journalistic accuracy and literature.

  • The Brief, powered by Metal Packaging Europe – Back with a bang

    News | Politics 08-01-2019

    Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here all along. Brexit boss Michel Barnier definitely still wants the EU’s top job and is now touting himself as the candidate everyone could live with.

  • The Brief, powered by Metal Packaging Europe – Just like Blade Runner, it always rains

    News | Politics 07-01-2019

    Killer robots, sex robots, huge video ad panels and flying cars. The world may well be closer to looking like the dark melting pot Blade Runner imagined for this 2019, aside from intergalactic battles and constant rain. But this year we won’t be worried about robots going rogue, at least for now, but who will become their almighty master.

  • The Brief – A Brexit foretold

    News | Brexit 21-12-2018

    Theresa May’s government formally started pulling up the drawbridge between the UK and the EU on Wednesday. The number of EU migrants to the UK is expected to fall by as much as 80% over the next five years. Suddenly the Channel feels a lot wider.

  • The Brief – A budgetary Christmas fairy tale

    News 20-12-2018

    Once upon a time, there was a coalition government in Italy that all in Europe looked upon with concern, as they were making choices that broke the rules of stability of the magic currency some of them shared.

  • The Brief – Do you want to know a secret?

    News 19-12-2018

    At least 1,100 coded cables have been extracted by hackers from the coded communication COREU service of the European Union and made available to the New York Times by a US cybersecurity firm, Area 1 Security. The US newspaper published 88 pages of them.

  • The Brief – Sick men of Europe

    News | Politics 18-12-2018

    Poland's foreign minister labelled France a "sick man of Europe" on national TV this week but beds at the Ode to Joy hospital are rapidly filling up. There's no silver bullet for the smorgasbord of ailments on show though. Can Europe get fighting fit before May's elections?

  • The Brief – Journalism: ‘The most beautiful job in the world’

    News 17-12-2018

    When I heard of the news that Antonio Megalizzi, the Italian radio journalist involved in the Strasbourg shooting, had died, I was reporting from a press conference in Brussels. It made my blood run cold and I suddenly stopped taking notes.

  • The Brief – Taxi for Selmayr!

    News | Politics 14-12-2018

    In poise, stature and countenance, he appears an unremarkable man. But Martin Selmayr carries with himself the sign and semblance of an altogether unsavoury part of the European Union.

  • The Brief – Games without frontiers

    News | Politics 13-12-2018

    Contrary to what we may believe, European political parties are no different than the ones we have at home. They are just as prone to tactical games, diversions, manipulation and pointing the finger at someone else.

  • The Brief – No roadmaps needed for experienced travellers

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 10-12-2018

    Morocco is a tree with its roots in Africa and its branches in Europe. So said the late King Hassan II of Morocco. That partly explains why hosting the UN migration summit in Marrakech, which formally adopted the UN’s contentious Global …

  • The Brief – Socialist schism

    News | EU Elections 2019 07-12-2018

    The Party of European Socialists is meeting in Lisbon in an apparent show of unity. Unlike the EPP, the liberals or even the greens, socialists don’t need to choose from competing candidates – they only have one. Frans Timmermans will be their Spitzenkandidat, and Sergei Stanishev will be re-elected for a third time as PES president, without competition.

  • The Brief – Brexit purgatory waiting room blues

    News | Politics 06-12-2018

    “Would you please consider voting for this deal so we can all get on with our lives.”

  • The Brief – Let’s get rid of EU presidencies!

    News | Future EU 05-12-2018

    The upcoming Romanian EU presidency is an important one. On Romania's watch, the UK is supposed to leave the Union on 29 March and European elections will be held in the remaining 27 countries on 23-26 May. To top things …

  • The Brief – How to lose friends and influence no one

    News | Politics 04-12-2018

    Curvy cucumbers, Turkey in the EU, uncontrolled migration: all debunked lies exploited by the pro-Brexit campaign. But there’s one aspect of the EU that Leavers could've legitimately painted on the side of their bus. And it reared its monstrous head again today.

  • The Brief – A ‘yellow vest’ fake news paradise

    News | Politics 03-12-2018

    I live in the centre of Paris so you might think that my weekend was full of danger, fire and fear. That is what my friends and family living far away saw on TV and Facebook, so I had a few worried calls and messages. But let me tell you the truth: it was no war scene.

  • The Brief – E pur si muove

    News | Digital 30-11-2018

    In 1633, the ‘father of modern physics,’ Galileo Galilei was found to be “vehemently suspect of heresy,” as the Roman Catholic Inquisition ordered the scientist to relinquish his alliance to heliocentricism – the theory that the Earth moves around the Sun.

  • The Brief – Bringing back unity and solidarity to the EU

    News | Politics 29-11-2018

    The political mandate that will follow next May’s European elections should be an opportunity to continue opening up the political space for citizens’ engagement, so that democracy is not limited to voting and politics can spread well beyond the parties’ …

  • The Brief – Juncker’s plan to save the world

    News | Energy & Environment 28-11-2018

    Commission HQ revealed today how the EU can stick to the Paris Agreement and curb global warming. But the Clean Planet for All plan omitted one important factor that should be crucial to reining in climate change: human behaviour.

  • The Brief – A loss of Face

    News | Digital 27-11-2018

    Facebook was in the line of fire again today, when parliamentarians from nine countries gathered at the “international grand committee session on fake news” in the UK’s House of Commons.

  • The Brief, powered by EFPIA – Marrakesh express

    News | Global Europe 23-11-2018

    By the late 1960s, Morocco was fast becoming an essential stop-off point on the new hippie trail. This is what inspired Graham Nash for what became Crosby, Still and Nash’s psychedelic pop piece “Marrakesh express”.

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