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  • The Brief – Trade at any cost

    News | Economy & Jobs 15-04-2019

    The elusive transatlantic trade deal is back alive and kicking but how much will Europe’s supposed principles actually be worth when the chips are down?

  • The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – The biggest election in the world

    News | Global Europe 12-04-2019

    The European Commission is looking forward to advancing "the strong and broad EU-India partnership across all areas of our bilateral and multilateral agenda," an EU spokesperson told EURACTIV after the Indian elections began on Thursday (11 April).

  • The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – Could Labour land Timmermans the top job?

    News | Politics 11-04-2019

    The twists and turns of Brexit never stop. It is now increasingly likely that UK citizens will take part in the European elections in May, and might even play a decisive role. If the EU elections were held with the UK participating, …

  • The Brief powered by CEN-CENELEC – Brexit black holes

    News | Brexit 10-04-2019

    Who says eurocrats don’t have a sense of irony? A European Commission press release landed in unsuspecting inboxes on Wednesday afternoon (10 April), breathlessly proclaimed that EU-funded scientists had successfully captured the first image of a black hole.

  • The Brief powered by CEN-CENELEC- Juncker and the press

    News | Politics 09-04-2019

    A hopefully useful exchange took place at the Commission midday briefing on Monday and Tuesday (8-9 April) about whether Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is accessible to the press. The midday briefing is the best place to take the EU temperature. With …

  • The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – Echoes from the nationalist Internationale

    News | Politics 08-04-2019

    Matteo Salvini’s master plan to bring together the entire European right did not get off to a great start, as no representatives of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally or Austria’s ruling Freedom Party (FPÖ) showed up at a conference he called in Milan today.

  • The Brief – 拯救穆斯林

    News | Politics 05-04-2019

    His eyes have been gouged from his face and his skin has been scratched out in a mad and impassioned frenzy. These are the murals of Buddha at the Bezeklik caves, near the ancient ruins of Gaochang in the Mutou Valley, China.

  • The Brief – Baltic Boys Club

    News | Politics 04-04-2019

    Lithuania’s prime minister appointed a new environment chief yesterday and in doing so made his government the only all-male administration in the EU.

  • The Brief – Busting the EU myths

    News 01-04-2019

    On April Fools Day, politics is always a great source of inspiration for pranks. But real life fake news remains a real threat to European democracy.

  • The Brief – Back to school

    News | Politics 29-03-2019

    This month I went back to my old school. Exactly twenty years after I left, I was invited to talk to my six-year-old niece and her classmates about the joys and miseries of being a journalist and, of course, about Europe.

  • The Brief – EU Time-Turners

    News | Transport 26-03-2019

    Time will spring forward as usual on Sunday, as we enter daylight savings time. Get used to climbing on chairs and tables to fiddle with clock faces though, because the idea of scrapping the annual change will take a while to actually take hold.

  • The Brief – Brexit Oddity

    News | Brexit 22-03-2019

    A photo says more than 1,000 words. This one shows the so-called ‘sherpas’ on the first day of the EU summit on Thursday (21 March) as they are trying to work through the details of the Article 50 …

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