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  • The Brief – Lockdown holidays

    Health 14-04-2020

    What will our summer holidays look like? In our pampered modern civilisation, each and every one of us is asking this question. Let’s sum up what we know at this stage.

  • The Brief – Body and mind

    Coronavirus 09-04-2020

    Everybody is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. By its end, millions of Europeans will have lost a friend or a loved one. Millions more face a period of uncertainty about their job and finances. And all while confined to their …

  • The Brief – Know your role

    Politics 08-04-2020

    The EU’s stuttering response to the coronavirus outbreak has exposed some fundamental weaknesses within the bloc’s institutions, particularly in the Commission. The executive branch of the EU needs to take a long hard look at its job description.

  • The Brief – At war with the virus

    Coronavirus 07-04-2020

    Today is World Health Day. More than any time before, societies realise that doctors and medical personnel are of paramount importance. They are the true heroes of our time and will be applauded from windows and balconies.

  • The Brief – The quiet revolution

    Coronavirus 06-04-2020

    Partisan politics has been one of the collateral victims of the coronavirus crisis. So preoccupied were most Britons by the coronavirus, albeit understandably, that the quiet revolution was barely noticed.

  • The Brief – Solidarity with the South

    Global Europe 02-04-2020

    ‘Solidarity’ is one of the most overused words in EU discourse. There’s plenty of talk of needing it to combat the health and economic challenges of the coronavirus. What a shame that when it comes to actions, solidarity is in …

  • The Brief – Is Eastern Europe more resilient to COVID-19?

    Coronavirus 01-04-2020

    Have you ever wondered why the numbers of people contaminated with COVID-19 are substantially bigger in the western part of our continent than in the former communist countries? Subscribers to EURACTIV's daily newsletter The Capitals and the Coronavirus tracker

  • The Brief – De l’esprit des lois

    Justice & Home Affairs 31-03-2020

    At the very heart of the European Union, another suffocating and potentially deadly virus has emerged in full light. It threatens the separation of powers as we've known it since Montesquieu's De l'esprit des lois. Unless the European Union, its …

  • The Brief – Don’t let Italians feel abandoned

    Coronavirus 30-03-2020

    It’s not a good time for anyone being pro-European in Italy these days. In the thick of the COVID-19 crisis, a different one is looming in the country: an increasing sentiment of mistrust in the EU.

  • The Brief – Comrade Corona

    Economy & Jobs 27-03-2020

    A few months ago, the universal basic income was a left-wing pipedream. Now governments across Europe and beyond are preparing to pay people between 60% and 80% of their salary for the next few months.

  • The Brief – Ode to Schengen

    Future EU 26-03-2020

    On this day in 1995, the Schengen Agreement, a cornerstone of the EU’s freedom of movement, entered into force. Who would have thought that only a quarter-century later, it would become one of the main casualties of Europe’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • The Brief – Every state for themselves?

    Politics 25-03-2020

    Just as the World Health Organisation warned that the United States will become the next COVID-19 epicentre, US President Donald Trump wants a deadline for lockdowns to end. In two weeks, Americans could be back to work, according to his tweets