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Digital & Media 09-09-2013

Guardian editor warns MEPs about ‘chilling effect’ of Prism probe on the media

The editor of the UK’s Guardian newspaper urged Members of the European Parliament last week to do more to shield the media, claiming UK government pressure over revelations in the Snowden affair would have a chilling effect on journalism.
Brexit 22-08-2013

Council of Europe asks UK to explain intimidation against the Guardian

Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland has asked UK Home Secretary Theresa May to explain the pressure that Downing Street had put on the Guardian newspaper over the Snowden case, warning of the potentially "chilling effect" on media freedom.

UK requests destruction of sensitive Snowden files, EU silent

The European Commission has declined to comment on whether pressure exerted by UK authorities on the Guardian newspaper to destroy sensitive documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden constituted an attack on media freedom.