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Security 08-04-2004

The Aftermath of 11 March in Madrid

Justice and Home Affairs experts from the European liberty and security policy network (ELISE) believe that technology is not a solution to violence. They put into question counter-terrorism measures which involve a globalisation of surveillance.
Security 01-04-2004

From New York to Madrid: Technology as the Ultra-Solution to the Permanent State of Fear and Emergen

In this report, CEPS policy analysts comment on the impacts of the Madrid bombings on the fight against terrorism.
Security 20-10-2003

The Brussels European Council – Changing gear while marking time

The Brussels European Council did not prove to be an historic, decision-making gathering of EU leaders. At the same time, it did mark a significant changing of gear by the EU on the most important challenges with which it is faced - economic, defence and constitutional.
Future EU 07-07-2003

Devilish Details

The EU's summit in Greece ended with more conclusions than most such events do. The larger problem will be seeing them through.
Central Europe 04-07-2003

European summits in Thessaloniki

The acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidates from Western Balkans have many reasons to be satisfied with the conclusions of the Thessaloniki European Council and the EU– Western Balkans Summit.
Future EU 16-12-2002

Different types of meetings of the EU Heads of Government

Different types of meetings of the EU Heads of Government Christine Stark’s paper, which is also a contribution to the European Convention, focuses on the ongoing process of institutional reform. The paper offers a description and analysis of the different...
Future EU 26-09-2002

The European Council

Summary by euractiv.com This study argues that there has been a marked loss of leadership capacity in recent years, and too many issues have landed on the table of the European Council which should have been settled elsewhere within the...
Future EU 23-05-2002

No easy way out

No easy way out The EU Convention is currently faced with concrete proposals put forward by the EU institutions. The European Council (in the form of the heads of state and government), the Commission and the Parliament are all trying...
Future EU 19-12-2001

Outcomes of the Laeken Summit

Outcomes of the Laeken Summit: a comment piece With their Laeken Declaration, Europe’s leaders have launched a sweepingly ambitious reform process encompassing the politics, structures and policies of the European Union. The Union, they declare, “stands at a crossroads, a...