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Brexit 18-05-2021

UK risks higher inequality that any EU country except Bulgaria: Think-tank

Britain faces a decade of major public policy challenges that could reduce economic performance to nearer that of struggling Italy, and increase inequality to the level of Bulgaria, Europe's powerhouse, a think-tank said on Tuesday (18 May).

EU crisis response not job-friendly: Think tanks

Leading European think tanks have expressed doubt that the EU leaders' pledge to create jobs and growth will be successful, adding to a growing wave of criticism over the outcome of this week's EU summit.
Agrifood 23-02-2010

French ‘reflection group’ on CAP reform raises eyebrows

French Agriculture Minister Bruno Le Maire has assembled a group made up of sixteen personalities, including chefs, writers and business people, to reflect on the future of Europe's agriculture policy. EURACTIV France reports.
Public Affairs 01-02-2010

Think-tanks going global, survey finds

The proliferation, global expansion, and networking of think-tanks has boosted their potential to develop solutions to today's global public policy issues, according a major study published last month by the University of Pennsylvania.
Public Affairs 30-04-2009

Parliament ‘trades legitimacy for efficiency’

The European Parliament has become more efficient at the expense of its accessibility to citizens and voters, a European Policy Centre study due to be published soon will reveal.
Public Affairs 27-04-2009

Think-tanks should join EU lobby register, Kallas insists

The European Commission sees think-tanks as interest representatives and thus expects them to sign up to its voluntary lobbyists register, Administration and Anti-Fraud Commissioner Siim Kallas announced last week, responding to claims by a leading Brussels think-tank that it had "no intention of signing up as lobbyists".
Public Affairs 20-04-2009

Lobby transparency spotlight falls on think-tanks

More think-tanks should sign up to the European Commission's voluntary lobbyists register, Administration and Anti-Fraud Commissioner Siim Kallas said last week (17 April), arguing that they play a clear role in the EU policymaking process. His claims were angrily refuted by think-tank representatives.
Public Affairs 15-01-2008

Study: Globalisation triggers ‘explosion’ in think tanks

Globalisation is leading to worldwide growth in the number of think tanks, but such institutions must maintain their relevance by displaying a "flair for publicity" and a "streak of eccentricity" if they are to ensure they continue to engage policymakers, the press and the public.
Public Affairs 08-10-2007

Euro-establishment celebrates ‘Super Stevie’

EU policy think-tank Friends of Europe gathered some 600 policymakers and opinion leaders at Zaventem airport near Brussels on 4 October to celebrate the 75th birthday of its president, Viscount Etienne Davignon.
Public Affairs 03-09-2007

New Brussels think-tank aims to ‘encourage EU to liberalise’

Pro-liberalisation think-tank the Globalisation Institute has launched a Brussels centre of operations. According to Alex Singleton, founder and president, it aims "to research, develop and promote practical policy options that increase competitiveness and replace harmful regulation". 

Interview: ‘Passive Brussels think-tanks lack public policy debates’

On the occasion of the tenth birthday of leading independent Brussels think-tank the European Policy Centre (EPC), EPC director and founder Stanley Crossick tells EURACTIV that Brussels still has much to learn from the US think-tank landscape.