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Euro & Finance 31-07-2012

Schäuble, Geithner urge reforms as EU business confidence dips

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and U.S. counterpart Timothy Geithner said yesterday (30 July) they were confident the countries of the euro zone would implement reforms needed to overcome their sovereign debt crisis. Meanwhile, business confidence in the EU showed a serious decline in July.
Euro & Finance 06-12-2011

Geithner tours Europe ahead of crisis summit

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner arrived in Germany today (6 December) in the first stop of a three-day tour of eurozone leaders to urge them to take decisive action to backstop their currency union and resolve a crushing debt crisis.
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Euro & Finance 16-09-2011

Wroclaw: Euro ministers struggle to find way out of crisis

Is this informal Ecofin meeting in Poland really bringing Europe closer to solving the euro crisis? It looks like nothing has been achieved. No new measures have been agreed here in Wroclaw, but that's just the way things go at informal meetings like this one. Greece underlined its commitment to meet its fiscal targets for this year and next. That also not a major new development.
Euro & Finance 03-06-2010

Consensus collapses on bank reform ahead of G20

For those expecting a G20 that will make good on promises to reform the financial sector - like imposing a bank levy - the next leaders' meeting will be a disappointment as political consensus has petered out, according to sources at the group's preliminary talks. 
Euro & Finance 10-05-2010

Barnier visit to US ‘waste of time’, says Washington insider

EU Internal Market Commissioner Michel Barnier was in the US over the weekend to talk tough on financial reform. But a high-ranking US official warned that Barnier was consorting with the culprits of the crisis and that his trip may prove a waste of his time. 

MEPs to restrict US access to anti-terror data

The European Parliament wants to see plans for an EU-based financial data authority before striking a new EU-US financial data sharing deal to combat terrorism, according to members of the legislature's justice committee, LIBE.
Euro & Finance 27-04-2010

We’re like ‘Siamese twins’ on banking reform, US tells EU

Although question marks hang over the transatlantic political will to devise common policies to regulate banks, US Ambassador to the EU William Kennard told officials and lobbyists yesterday (26 April) that the two giants were more inseparable than ever, "like Siamese twins".
Euro & Finance 12-03-2010

EU rejects US claims of hedge funds regulation rift

The European Commission yesterday (11 March) rejected criticism coming from Washington that plans to regulate hedge funds and private equity in Europe would cause a transatlantic rift by closing doors to US funds.