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Politics 20-04-2022

Albania’s tourism sector braces for fallout of Ukraine war

Labour shortages, rising fuel and food prices, and the Ukrainian war are the triple forces threatening the revival of Albania’s fledgling tourist industry, which accounts for over a quarter of GDP. Over the last few years, Albania has gone from...
Transport 25-03-2022

Albanian cities to go car-free one day a month to save fuel

In a bid to battle rising fuel prices and quell disquiet from citizens, the Albanian government has announced that as of 3 April, every city in the country will have a car-free day on the first Sunday of the month.
Global Europe 09-01-2022

Albanian opposition in crisis as warring members storm party headquarters

The Albanian capital of Tirana was rocked by protests on Saturday (8 January) as one warring faction of the opposition Democratic Party (PD) used force to enter their own headquarters. Police special forces dispersed demonstrators, and several arrests were made.
Health 26-10-2021

Concerns over COVID-19 fatality and cases figures in Albania

A combination of recently published data and surveys has cast doubt over the Albanian government’s level of transparency in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Concerns relate to the possible under-reporting of COVID-19 deaths and positive cases since the start of the pandemic.
Global Europe 11-10-2021

EU hopeful Albania struggles with its own asylum seekers

Albania has a problem with asylum. Between 2010 and 2019, more than 193,000 Albanians applied for asylum in the European Union, a significant portion of the EU candidate country's population of 2.8 million.