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Transport 10-12-2015

US demands 1.5 degree warming limit in COP21 deal

The United States was officially unveiled in Paris on Wednesday (9 December) as the most influential new member of the 'High Ambition Coalition' and immediately threw its weight behind a future 1.5 degree global warming limit in the international climate change agreement negotiations.
Climate change 19-11-2014

US climate negotiator: We’ll only know how Russia will behave when we walk into the room

The joint announcement of US and Chinese post-2020 climate targets last week has put valuable momentum behind UN talks to secure a legally binding global target for CO2 emissions, says Todd Stern. But there is no guarantee that Russia will not use the negotiations for political leverage in the Ukraine conflict, he warns.
Development Policy 08-08-2012

EU slams U.S. for backing away from climate goals

The European Union and small island states criticised the United States on Tuesday (7 August) for backing away from a U.N. goal of limiting global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius.