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Agrifood 20-09-2019

MEPs rebuke European Patent Office over conventional breeding copyright

In another episode of the longstanding legal saga on biotech inventions, the European Parliament delivered a new reprimand to the European Patent Office (EPO) reaffirming that tomatoes, broccoli and other plants obtained by essentially biological processes must not be patentable.
Agrifood 06-09-2017

Italy to extend country of origin labelling to tomato products

The Italian ministry of agriculture declared its intention on Monday (4 September) to include the origin of primary ingredients on the labels of tomato-based products, drawing criticism from the European food and drink industry for "undermining the EU single market for food".
Agrifood 01-09-2010

Chinese tomato imports make Italian producers fear for EU food quality

Growing imports of Chinese tomatoes in Italy are making it impossible for local producers to maintain quality and could lead to the disappearance of the Italian tomato, said industry representatives, who are considering switching to more lucrative crops.