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  • Football violence reveals Serbia-Albania tensions

    Enlargement 16-10-2014

    A Euro 2016 football qualifier match between Serbia and Albania, held this week in Belgrade, ended violently, revealing underlying tensions between the two countries. EURACTIV Serbia reports.

  • West frowns at Belgrade’s planned Putin parade

    Enlargement 14-10-2014

    20 October, Liberation Day in Serbia, marks the anniversary of the retreat of the Nazi troops from Belgrade in 1944, leaving the capital to the Red Army and Yugoslav Partisan guerrillas. But the Liberation Day parade of 2014 will be of a different kind.

  • Lavrov reassures Serbia on South Stream

    Energy 18-06-2014

    On a visit to Belgrade, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated the position that his country “respects and supports” the European integration of Serbia, but warned against new dividing lines in Europe and pleaded for the Gazprom-favoured South Stream gas pipeline.

  • Europe? An opera with a happy ending, says Croatian President

    Enlargement 06-06-2012

    A musician and composer, Ivo Josipovi?, the president of Croatia, sees Europe as an opera with a happy ending. The eurozone crisis has sidelined the fundamentals of the union, and people take their anti-war community for granted, but it is perceived differently outside the EU borders, he said in an interview with EURACTIV.

  • Kosovo Serbs shoot at NATO peacekeepers

    Global Europe 01-06-2012

    At least five Kosovo Serbs and a NATO soldier were wounded in a gunfight today (1 June), as peacekeepers tried to dismantle Serb roadblocks blocking traffic, a Reuters witness said.

  • Serbia to hold ‘three-in-one’ elections on 6 May

    Elections 05-04-2012

    Serbian President Boris Tadi? made a surprise resignation announcement yesterday (4 April), ten months before the end of his term. The event comes before upcoming joint parliamentary, presidential and local elections on 6 May, which the president hopes will keep his Democratic Party in power and edge the country closer to the European Union.