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Health 29-01-2015

German economy burdened by growing rate of depression

German employees are taking more and more sick leave due to depression, a recent study shows, indicating stress and a lack of leisure time as the likely culprits, causing experts to call for more investment in early recognition and prevention. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 21-10-2014

Commission steps up efforts to fight Ebola, after slow response

Health Commissioner Tonio Borg on Monday (20 October) told MEPs that a network of high-security laboratories have been established to ensure that EU member states will have the necessary facilities to diagnose the infected persons infected with Ebola.
Tonio Borg
Health 16-10-2014

Borg calls for exit screening of airline passengers to fight Ebola

The EU needs to both double its efforts to fight the deadly virus Ebola in West Africa, as well as introduce entry screening for airline passengers to enable identification of infected passengers, Health Commissioner Tonio Borg says.
Development Policy 16-09-2014

EU calls for wider response to the Ebola epidemic

The EU will intensify its financial assistance to Western Africa, in order to contribute to the efforts in the fight against the Ebola outbreak. At a special meeting held yesterday (15 September) in Brussels, the bloc reiterated its willingness to work hard to stop the spread of the disease. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Tonio Borg
Health 04-09-2014

More powers for Brussels could narrow EU’s health gap, says Borg

Giving more powers to Brussels could narrow the gap in the quality of health provision between EU countries, outgoing Commissioner Tonio Borg has said in a farewell speech.
Agrifood 01-08-2014

Level of horsemeat DNA in beef drops

The European Commission's second round of coordinated pan-European testing for horsemeat DNA in beef products, launched in April this year, showed only 0.61% of the samples testing positive.
Health 22-07-2014

Poland to challenge EU ban on menthol cigarettes

Poland will appeal to Europe's top court over a European Union ban on flavoured tobacco products, saying it will be unfairly affected as one of the region's biggest consumers and producers of menthol cigarettes.
Tonio Borg
Health 21-05-2014

EU Commission champions ‘mHealth’ for chronic disease treatment

In a drive to cut healthcare costs, the European Commission is promoting eHealth, and mHealth applications, notably in treating chronic diseases. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 10-04-2014

Commission wants better use of mobiles within health

The European Commission on Thursday (10 April) launched a public consultation on mobile health or mHealth, asking Europeans to help find ways to improve health with the use of mobile devices. The consultation will run until 2 July 2014.

Experts mull ways to reverse chronic diseases trend

SPECIAL REPORT / Cancer, diabetes, mental disorders, and chronic respiratory illnesses account for 86% of deaths, and 77% of the disease burden in Europe, with the main risk factors being tobacco use, alcohol abuse, poor diets and lack of physical activity.
Agrifood 07-11-2013

Brussels reopens 12-year old GMO cultivation request

European ministers will decide whether to approve the cultivation of variety of genetically modified maize, after the European Commission was legally obliged to pass on the 12-year-old request.

Parliament pressures Commission for better meat origin labelling

MEPs have sent a letter to Health Commissioner Tonio Borg asking for better meat origin labelling but the EU executive's position remains unclear.
Health 08-10-2013

Borg, EU health ministers push Parliament to adopt tobacco directive

SPECIAL REPORT / The EU's health Commissioner Tonio Borg said he was "confident" that the European Parliament would adopt the highly-debated tobacco directive in Strasbourg this week, after the first vote had been delayed. 

Syngenta takes EU to court over pesticide ban

Syngenta, one of the main producers of thiamethoxam, a pesticide used to coat seeds before germination, has launched a legal challenge against the European Commission’s decision to temporarily ban the chemical overs fears it harms bees.
Health 06-05-2013

EU tables revised food safety rules on back of horsemeat scandal

In the wake of the horsemeat scandal which rocked Europe’s food industry, the European Commission has proposed measures to tighten controls on the health of animals and plants entering the European food chain.
Health 05-03-2013

Borg signals compromise possible on tobacco additives

EXCLUSIVE / The Commissioner for health and consumer affairs has signalled that European tobacco producers may include additives in Burley tobacco, offering East European tobacco producers a compromise that could enable them to continue production.
Health 04-03-2013

EU begins month of intensive DNA tests for horsemeat

The EU has begun one month of extensive DNA testing on food products, after companies found horsemeat in numerous beef dishes.
Future EU 21-11-2012

Borg’s confirmation leaves Socialists split over gay rights

Tonio Borg was confirmed by European lawmakers in Strasbourg today (21 November) but the Socialists & Democrats (S&D) group was left divided after its decision to reject the Maltese candidate for the job of EU health Commissioner was ignored by MEPs.
Future EU 16-11-2012

Parliament lists conditions for Borg’s approval

EXCLUSIVE / MEPs are due to vote next Wednesday (21 November) on the nomination of Tonio Borg as health and consumer protection commissioner. With three political groups lining up against his appointment, he will be asked to make a series of commitments if he is to get the job, EURACTIV has learned.
Health 14-11-2012

Malta’s Borg sails through parliamentary hearing

Tonio Borg, the Maltese nominee for the European Commission's health and consumer protection portfolio, sailed through a three-hour Parliamentary vetting yesterday (13 November) despite repeated questioning about his views on abortion and gay rights.
Health 09-11-2012

Tonio Borg hits back over Kazakh allegations

EXCLUSIVE / Tonio Borg, the replacement candidate for John Dalli as Malta's EU commissioner in Brussels, has denounced attacks against him as "gross calumny and lies" ahead of a European Parliament confirmation hearing next Tuesday. German lawyers and politicians have piled pressure on Borg ahead of the hearing. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Malta’s choice for Commission faces grilling over Kazakh connection

EXCLUSIVE: MEPs are slated to grill Tonio Borg, the replacement candidate for John Dalli as Malta's EU Commissioner in Brussels, about his ties to Rakhat Aliyev, a former Kazakh ambassador to Austria suspected of human rights abuses and involvement in the murder of two bankers. EURACTIV.de reports.
Health 22-10-2012

Malta nominates foreign minister as new EU commissioner

Malta has nominated Foreign Minister Tonio Borg to replace John Dalli as its European Commissioner.