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Cybersecurity 21-12-2018

The nightmare before Christmas: Cybersecurity risks for children’s toys

The lack of a legal framework to protect children's toys against cybersecurity risks could prove to have damaging consequences, a leading European consumer rights group has warned ahead of the Christmas festivities, advising parents that some of those toys should not even be kept at home.
Economy & Jobs 13-03-2018

Fidget spinners named on EU danger list

Despite becoming a common sight on playgrounds around the world and even in the workplace, fidget spinners have been included on an EU list of dangerous products, as toys ended up posing the most risk in 2017.
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Economy & Jobs 10-06-2013

Taking Play Seriously: Investing in Europe’s Future

On the occasion of World Play Day on 28 May, Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Anna Maria Corazza Bildt hosted an event in the European Parliament entitled 'Taking play seriously: investing in Europe's future' to enhance understanding of the unique role of play in supporting children's development.

Consumer groups seek tougher EU rules on chemicals in toys

Consumer advocates say European policymakers are 'playing' with children's health despite the enactment last year of the Toy Safety Directive, and call for strengthening the chemical requirements for toys.
Health 13-05-2011

Fewer dangerous products hitting EU markets

Fewer dangerous goods are finding their way onto EU shelves, Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli said yesterday (12 May), presenting the European Commission’s annual report on product safety in Brussels. But consumer groups disagreed and said more effort was needed to improve market surveillance. 
Trade & Society 16-04-2010

More dangerous goods removed from EU shelves

Record numbers of dangerous goods were removed from EU shelves last year, Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli said yesterday (15 April), presenting the European Commission's annual report on product safety in Brussels. But consumer organisations said far too many dangerous products were slipping through the net and onto the market place.
Trade & Society 21-04-2009

More dangerous goods withdrawn from EU shelves

EU product safety standards are continuing to improve, Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva said yesterday (20 April), presenting a report which showed that record numbers of dangerous goods were withdrawn from European shelves last year, mostly of Chinese origin.
Trade & Society 19-12-2008

Toy safety given EU boost ahead of festive period

The European Union has adopted legislation to improve toy safety throughout the bloc ahead of the busy Christmas shopping period. But consumer groups accused the EU institutions of "lacking the ambition" to tighten safety requirements still further.
Trade & Society 26-09-2007

EU plans tougher toy-safety rules

Members of Parliament are demanding a new EU toy-safety label and stepped-up market surveillance, with sanctions for producers and importers that break the rules, following a scandal involving millions of Chinese-made products over the summer. The Commission has said that it will propose a Directive before Christmas. 
Trade & Society 06-09-2007

EU to review toy safety checks after third Mattel recall

The European Commission has begun a two-month review of safety controls after US toy giant Mattel said that Chinese-made accessories for its emblematic 'Barbie' dolls had to be recalled "due to impermissible levels of lead".
Health 03-03-2006

Increasing number of unsafe products on EU market

The number of unsafe products identified in the EU rose sharply in 2005. More than half of the serious risk notifications concerned toys and electrical appliances.
Health 06-07-2005

Permanent phthalates ban in toys approved

The Parliament's approval of the ban of phthalates in toys has had mixed reactions. Consumer organisations and NGOs are relieved while the toy industry points to a "misuse of the precautionary principle".
Health 27-06-2005

Phthalates to be banned in toys and childcare articles

The planned compromise deal banning, without age-limitations, the use of phthalates in toys will be an EU landmark decision in the protection of children's health.
Health 26-11-2002

Commission extends ban on phthalates in toys

The EU-wide ban on the sale of toys that contain phthalates has been extended until 20 February 2003 by the Commission.