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Future EU 30-06-2016

The bright side of Brexit: Lobbying jobs in Brussels in high demand

One industry that is sure to benefit from Brexit is the government affairs sector, as worried UK businesses and trade associations try to adjust to a confusing new world, writes Aart van Iterson.
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Public Affairs 10-04-2015

Effectively achieving your policy goals

The Yellow Academy is a series of 7 workshops on EU lobbying and communication with a strong focus on case studies.
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Politics 23-07-2013

TradeMarks: What makes associations effective?

The foundation of TradeMarks is a groundbreaking new model developed by APCO Insight, National Journal and EURACTIV that measures the extent to which policy leaders believe associations are effective in achieving their policy goals for their members.
Public Affairs 23-05-2012

Business groups put positive spin on Europe crisis

With the European news agenda dominated by doom and gloom, EU business associations sought to underline the positives at their annual Brussels event.
Public Affairs 09-05-2011

Trade groups’ agenda ‘up for grabs’

Business associations must radically reassess their role in the EU policymaking arena if they are to continue to serve their members effectively in post-crisis Europe, federation representatives were told at a conference in Brussels last week (5 May).