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Trade & Society 18-01-2016

TTIP’s regulatory cooperation has already begun attacking democracy

The origins of EU-US proposals for "regulatory cooperation" show a process dominated by big business right from the start. The ongoing TTIP talks are seeking to enshrine and fortify a dangerous precedent, argue Kenneth Haar and Max Bank.
Agrifood 07-01-2016

TTIP: ‘Reform’ of investor dispute settlement clause not enough

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has been flawed from the beginning. It is evident from the process that we need a new direction for our trade policy, write Max Andersson and Rasmus Nordqvist.
Digital 11-05-2015

Don’t forget big data in TTIP and TISA

The issues of data sovereignty and data protection have been sadly lacking in the debate on trade agreements, writes historian Svend Aage Christensen.

Assessing EU trade policy in goods

Multilateral liberalisation of trade should be the centre of European trade strategy, argues Patrick Messerlin – professor of economics, Sciences Po - in a new paper for the European Centre for International Political Economy. The recent shift in European trade policy to negotiate bilateral agreements is taking Europe into dangerous waters, he believes.
Trade & Society 02-05-2007

EU-US economic relations: From free trade to deep integration

Just as EU and US leaders have agreed to a new transatlantic economic partnership, Barbara Böttcher and Klaus Deutsch of Deutsche Bank provide recommendations on how the two economic giants can deepen economic co-operation.  

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