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Global Europe 02-12-2020

Renewed EU-US alliance to focus on climate, digital, ‘strategic autonomy’

The EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell proposed a plan on Wednesday (2 December) for a renewed alliance between the EU and the US under President-elect, Joe Biden, based on greater climate cooperation and new efforts to smooth out commercial and digital friction.

Nobody needs NATO more than France, says Trump

US President Donald Trump weighed into the war of words on the state of NATO on Tuesday (3 December), wasting no time to hit back at French President Emmanuel Macron’s “brain death” claims. Speaking at a breakfast session alongside NATO...
Economy & Jobs 07-06-2019

EU cobbles workaround to avoid US block on WTO judges

The European Union is set to propose creating a shadow system to get around a US block on appeals in disputes at the World Trade Organization (WTO), according to a draft proposal circulated to national lawmakers.
Economy & Jobs 28-01-2019

EU to challenge US duties on Spanish olives

The EU will begin legal action at the World Trade Organization (WTO) this week against US duties imposed on Spanish olives, EU trade chief Cecilia Malmström said on Monday (28 January). 
Economy & Jobs 12-10-2018

Economic growth: The party’s over, says IMF

The International Monetary Fund has lowered its forecast for economic growth in the global economy as the trade conflict between the USA and China becomes a real threat. But the situation in Europe is not exactly rosy either. EURACTIV Germany’s media partner WirtschaftsWoche reports.
Global Europe 20-09-2018

US soy seizes EU market, bolstering Trump trade deal

The United States has supplanted Brazil as the European Union’s top supplier of soybeans since a deal in July with President Donald Trump to avert a trade war, according to EU data seen by Reuters on Thursday (20 September).
Economy & Jobs 16-08-2018

US says EU stalling on Airbus, blocks request for WTO compliance panel

The US said on Wednesday (15 August) the EU and four of its planemaker states have failed to bring subsidies for Airbus into line with a World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruling of last May, an accusation refuted by the EU.
Economy & Jobs 31-07-2018

Commission reports ‘intense’ spike in unfair trade practices

The European Commission published on Tuesday (31 July) its annual report on trade defence measures, which informed of 46 ongoing investigations for unfair commercial practices in 2017.
Economy & Jobs 27-07-2018

Bullmann: ‘No victory for Juncker or Trump, but a breather’

German Socialist MEP Udo Bullmann praised the EU and US talks on trade relations. But in an interview with EURACTIV media partner Der Tagesspiegel, he also insisted that "we do not live in a command economy" and warned that the European Parliament will have to be involved with any future talks.
Economy & Jobs 18-07-2018

Juncker pledges ‘tit for tat’ measures against US

The EU will respond to any provocation coming from the US on trade or any other matter, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned on Wednesday (18 July) ahead of his trip to Washington to meet Donald Trump next week.
EU-China 01-06-2018

EU and China pledge to deepen relationship despite trade tensions

The EU and China said on Friday (1 June) they would expand trade and investment cooperation amid the global trade dispute triggered by US tariffs. But as part of the efforts to address outstanding trade disputes, Europe will present a complaint before the World Trade Organisation against China’s intellectual property practices.
Global Europe 30-04-2018

Most Swiss back plan for new treaty with EU

Most Swiss support the government's plan to forge a new treaty with the European Union that would have arbitration panels to help settle disputes, a poll published on Sunday (29 April) showed.
Economy & Jobs 23-04-2018

Mexico wins ‘cheese war’ over Europe in trade deal

EU and Mexico reached a political agreement on Saturday (21 April) that will open new markets to European farmers, but Spain’s Manchego producers feel they have been left in the lurch by the bloc.
Agrifood 02-07-2014

Latvia may declare emergency over swine fever

Latvia may declare a state of emergency in the eastern part of the country, near its border with Belarus and Russia, to fight an outbreak of African swine fever in wild boars and farm pigs.
Trade & Society 31-10-2013

China revives steel bolts and screws trade dispute with EU

China on Wednesday (30 October) has relaunched a long-running dispute with the European Union over steel bolts and screws, complaining that Brussels has not brought anti-dumping measures on the product into line with a trade panel ruling.
Agrifood 07-10-2013

Russia takes aim at Lithuania’s dairy imports ahead of Vilnius summit

Russia suspended imports of dairy products from neighbouring Lithuania today (7 October), turning up trade pressure on the small Baltic country ahead next months's summit in Vilnius, where the bloc is expected to sign a key trade pact with Ukraine.
Economy & Jobs 10-07-2013

EU launches first dispute with Russia at WTO

The European Union launched the first formal trade dispute with Russia at the World Trade Organization yesterday (9 July), less than a year after Moscow joined the trading club.
Trade & Society 05-06-2013

Bashing China with solar panel tariff benefits no one

The Commission’s decision to launch trade action against China in the solar-power sector will not bring any relief to India, argues Suparna Karmakar, a trade economist and visiting fellow with Brussels-based think tank Bruegel.
Trade & Society 29-05-2013

EU trade chief vows no U-turn in solar panel row with China

EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht bluntly told China and leading European states that they were wasting their time trying to put pressure on him to drop plans to impose punitive import duties on Chinese solar panels.
Global Europe 25-05-2012

EU-Argentina disputes escalate

  The European Union filed a suit against Argentina's import restrictions with the World Trade Organization (WTO) today (25 May), intensifying the disputes between the South American nation and its trading partners.
Agrifood 15-03-2012

MEPs’ vote ends EU-US row on hormone-treated beef

The European Parliament approved a deal between the EU and both the United States and Canada on hormone-treated beef yesterday (14 March), ending one of the trading powers' oldest disputes.
Future EU 06-10-2008

Barroso embraces new UK commissioner

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso welcomed the arrival of Baroness Ashton, who was nominated on Friday (3 October) to replace Peter Mandelson at the trade portfolio.
Technology 30-05-2008

EU-US trade row erupts over IT products

After months of silent scramble, a battle between the EU and the US on IT customs tariffs erupted after Washington decided to file a formal complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against European duties on certain high tech goods, including flat-screen TVs and multifunctional printers.
Trade & Society 28-04-2008

EU-US biodiesel row heats up

European biodiesel manufacturers have filed an official complaint to the Commission regarding "unfair" US biodiesel subsidies, substantiating expectations that biofuels could be at the heart of the next large-scale trade spat at the WTO.