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Economy & Jobs 27-07-2018

Bullmann: ‘No victory for Juncker or Trump, but a breather’

German Socialist MEP Udo Bullmann praised the EU and US talks on trade relations. But in an interview with EURACTIV media partner Der Tagesspiegel, he also insisted that "we do not live in a command economy" and warned that the European Parliament will have to be involved with any future talks.
Trade & Society 28-02-2008

Commission weighing up options on CO2 border tax

The is still a lot of technical work to be done before the Commission makes a proposal on a possible "adjustment mechanism" to compensate EU industries which find themselves at a competitive disadvantage over countries with less stringent CO2 regulations, according to Jos Delbeke, a top official at the Commission's Environment Directorate.
Trade & Society 20-11-2006

Boeing ‘very confident’ in WTO subsidy battle

In an interview with EURACTIV, Ted Austell, Boeing’s vice-president of international trade policy, and Robert T. Novick, who represents Boeing in the WTO aircraft subsidy cases, explain why they are confident in the US' case against the EU regarding subsidies awarded to Airbus, while reassuring that this dispute will not be detrimental to transatlantic relations nor to the WTO as an institution.
Med & South 12-03-2004

Full Interview with Michael Emerson of CEPS on Russia’s relations with the EU 25

Russia knows it will soon have to live with a stronger EU of 25 Member States but the EU needs to be more coherent in its approach to its big neighbour, says Michael Emerson, senior Research Fellow of Centre for European Policy Studies, prior to the Russian elections March 14.
Trade & Society 08-03-2004

Full interview with Vandana Shiva on the ills of the world trading system

Vandana Shiva, Director of Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, Dehra Dun, India, has shared her views with EURACTIV on the EU's emerging proposal to introduce a new principle, that of 'collective preferences', in international trade policy.

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