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Trade & Society 05-06-2013

Bashing China with solar panel tariff benefits no one

The Commission’s decision to launch trade action against China in the solar-power sector will not bring any relief to India, argues Suparna Karmakar, a trade economist and visiting fellow with Brussels-based think tank Bruegel.
Trade & Society 14-09-2007

Implications of WTO decision on Brazil’s tyres ban

A recent decision by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in a case concerning imports of re-treaded tyres in Brazil can "become a milestone in WTO jurisprudence on trade and the environment", according to Julia Qin of the American Society of International Law (ASIL).

EU anti-dumping policy ‘unjustifiable’

With this policy brief, Brian Hindley of the European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) expresses his doubts on the economic justification of EU anti-dumping actions.
Trade & Society 30-06-2004

EU-US relations after the Summit

Only days after the EU-US Summit in Ireland, the European Policy Centre welcomed Günter Burghardt, Head of the European Commission Delegation in Washington, DC, who assessed the outcome of the meeting.
Trade & Society 24-03-2004

Sustainability, Responsibility – The business contribution to sustainable trade

This conference report by CSR Europe explores the relationship between CSR and sustainable trade.
Trade & Society 21-10-2003

Special Report: Fair Trade

CSR Europe's September 2003 Magazine focuses on fair trade as its special feature.
Trade & Society 30-09-2003

Global Economic Prospects 2004 – Realizing the Development Promise of the Doha Agenda

This World Bank report concludes that a development-friendly trade deal could spur global growth and lift 144 million people out of poverty by 2015.
Trade & Society 09-09-2003

The growing importance of CEEC’s intra-regional trade

The study foresees a tripling of trade between Central and Eastern European countries over the next ten years, similar to the evolution of trade between Spain and Portugal after they joined the European Economic Community.
Trade & Society 24-07-2003

The Doha Round of WTO Negotiations: Practical Proposals towards Enhancing the Global Trading System

This CEPS Task Force Report highlights the importance of the Cancún trade ministerial meeting in the Doha Development Agenda, especially as regards global agricultural markets. The report argues that all developing countries should embrace the cause of unilateral trade reform themselves, rather than adopt adversarial positions in their trade relations with the world's four big trade groups.
Euro & Finance 30-12-2002

Mutual recognition in goods and services: an economic perspective

This paper provides the economic and strategic arguments for employing mutual recognition much more systematically in the single market for goods and services.

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