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Traditional Dutch cheese [Ali Eminov/Flickr]
CETA 19-06-2017

CETA start hits snag over cheese quota dispute with Canada

The EU's pending trade deal with Canada has hit an unexpected snag over quotas for cheese imported from Europe and EU officials said on Thursday (15 June) they were "hopeful" the two sides could overcome the differences and allow the deal to take effect.
China 21-02-2012

Cameron spearheads liberal agenda for growth

British Prime Minister David Cameron and leaders of 11 other EU countries have called on the Union's institutions to stick to a liberal agenda for growth, bolder economic integration with the USA and deepening trade and investment relations with Russia, China and other strategic partners.
Agrifood 26-11-2009

World set for new food crisis in 2010, UN warns

Inaction to halt speculation on agricultural commodities and continued biofuels policies is paving the way for a re-run of the 2008 food price crisis in 2010 or 2011, argues Olivier De Schutter, the UN's special rapporteur on the right to food, in an interview with EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 30-07-2008

World trade talks failure: The endgame?

For the third year running, global trade negotiations came to a disappointing end yesterday (29 July) as countries refused to compromise on opening up their national markets for agricultural goods. The talks in Geneva were considered a "last chance" for a deal before the US Presidential elections in November and are unlikely to be reopened before January next year at the very earliest.
Trade & Society 28-07-2008

Banana deal raises chances for WTO breakthrough

A week of intense discussions in Geneva has brought World Trade Organisation countries closer to a global trade pact. But disputes between the world's emerging economies threaten to scupper chances of achieving a deal this week.
Trade & Society 22-07-2008

EU offer to slash farm duties dismissed as ‘propaganda’

An attempt by the EU's trade chief to impress his counterparts at global trade negotiations in Geneva with a pledge to cut the bloc's agricultural tariffs by as much as 60% fell flat as both France and Brazil denied the proposals were anything new.
Trade & Society 19-05-2008

Biofuels, food and trade top EU-Latin America Summit

European and Latin American leaders pledged to deepen trade ties between their two regions and tackle global warming and poverty at the fifth EU-Latin America-Caribbean Summit in Lima.
Trade & Society 10-12-2007

EU-Africa summit fails on trade

A major meeting of European and African leaders, aimed at boosting relations between the two continents as China tightens its grip on the former European colonies' economies, was overshadowed by Africa's refusal to sign up to comprehensive trade liberalisation agreements.
Trade & Society 04-12-2007

EU, US eye WTO free trade pact for climate-friendly goods

As world leaders meet in Bali to outline a new global climate regime, the EU and the US have launched a joint push for an international deal on eliminating tariffs on green technologies in the hope of opening up new market opportunities for business.
Trade & Society 29-11-2007

Free trade within EU to receive fresh boost

The free movement of goods across borders, one of the pillars of European integration, is set to receive a renewed boost after a Parliament committee backed a legislative package to improve the "mutual recognition" of products which are not standardised at EU level.
Public Affairs 03-09-2007

New Brussels think-tank aims to ‘encourage EU to liberalise’

Pro-liberalisation think-tank the Globalisation Institute has launched a Brussels centre of operations. According to Alex Singleton, founder and president, it aims "to research, develop and promote practical policy options that increase competitiveness and replace harmful regulation". 
Trade & Society 19-07-2007

EU gives cautious welcome to draft compromise in WTO trade talks

World Trade Organisation mediators have tabled a compromise package on possible tariff and subsidy cuts in an attempt to salvage the troubled Doha Round - aimed at freeing up global trade.
Trade & Society 18-06-2007

Trade powers in ‘last-chance attempt’ to clinch Doha deal

Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson will meet with his counterparts from the US, India and China this week in what are being termed "definitive" discussions on freeing up global trade.
Trade & Society 01-06-2007

EU and US meet to revive WTO trade talks

Top trade officials from the European Union and the United States will meet today in a fresh effort to drive forward stalled talks on a global trade deal.
Trade & Society 08-05-2007

EU and South Korea to free-up trade flows

The EU and South Korea have formally initiated negotiations on a bilateral pact that could give a €20 billion boost to their trade relations, one month after the Asian country signed a similar deal with Europe's largest trade rival, the US.
Trade & Society 19-04-2007

EU to set up trade-barrier watchdogs

The European Commission is planning tougher action to prise open new markets for its companies in China, India and Russia, saying countries that fail to remove trade barriers will face further legal battles.
Trade & Society 29-01-2007

Davos brings global trade deal ‘in sight’

Around 30 trade ministers from the world's largest economies breathed new life into-global trade negotiations by agreeing to restart talks in Geneva. 
Trade & Society 20-11-2006

Mandelson urges return to negotiating table

Trade commissioner believes EU leaders must immediately grab the "narrow window of opportunity" to conclude the Doha Round before the July 2007 expiry of the US Trade Promotion Act.
Trade & Society 14-11-2006

Businesses and trade unions debate future trade strategy

Amid fears that the Democrats' victory in US Congress could put an end to already troubled efforts to reach a global trade pact, the Commission has discussed future trade strategies with stakeholders.
Trade & Society 21-09-2006

Pros and cons of reviving Doha

Calls to restart global trade talks are intensifying, but yet another meeting aimed at reviving the Doha Round looks set to fail.
Trade & Society 19-09-2006

Mandelson rejects compromise on Doha

A deal proposed by Australian Trade Minister Mark Vaile to revive global trade talks before the end of the year has been rejected outright by the European Trade Commissioner.
Trade & Society 11-09-2006

EU seeks trade deals with Korea, China

EU leaders push ahead for bilateral deals with China and Korea while Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson keeps up the fight for a multilateral trade pact.
Trade & Society 01-09-2006

Commission says WTO talks unlikely to be resumed in near future

A meeting of trade ministers on September 9-10 in Brazil has little hope of reviving collapsed global trade talks, according to the Commission’s Trade spokesman Peter Power.  
Trade & Society 23-08-2006

Southeast Asia follows in EU’s footsteps

Southeast Asian trade ministers have agreed to an accelerated timetable to turn their region into a European-style single market by 2015.