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Trade & Society 08-10-2007

O’Sullivan: ‘We are now close to the end point on Doha’

The Commission's Director-General for Trade David O'Sullivan tells EURACTIV he remains optimistic that global trade negotiations can still be succesfully concluded, even if it does mean the EU will have to offer more concessions on agricultural tariffs, and reminds the bloc's 27 members just how much free trade and globalisation has benefited them.
Trade & Society 20-11-2006

Boeing ‘very confident’ in WTO subsidy battle

In an interview with EURACTIV, Ted Austell, Boeing’s vice-president of international trade policy, and Robert T. Novick, who represents Boeing in the WTO aircraft subsidy cases, explain why they are confident in the US' case against the EU regarding subsidies awarded to Airbus, while reassuring that this dispute will not be detrimental to transatlantic relations nor to the WTO as an institution.
Trade & Society 07-11-2006

AmCham EU: ‘Doha can succeed’

Claudio Murri, chair of AmCham EU’s managing board, tells EURACTIV that a deal on the core elements of the Doha Round is still possible before the expiry of President George W. Bush's trade-negotiating authority in July 2007.