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Economy & Jobs 28-11-2018

Cigarette Smuggling Between France And Algeria No Longer Going Unnoticed

France has been the worst hit by illegal tobacco among the countries of the EU, and Algeria is one of its main suppliers. EURACTIV recently discussed the situation with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF). It stated that France can seek...
Transport 03-04-2015

Germans found to be Europe’s most aggressive drivers

Tailgating, shouting insults – nowhere in Europe do drivers react as intensely as they do in Germany, a recent study shows. But few are willing to criticise their own behavior. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 07-07-2011

MEPs take small step against cross-border driving offences

The European Parliament yesterday (6 July) took a first step towards putting an end to the impunity of drivers who commit traffic offences in another EU country. However, the first 'cross-border fines' are not expected to start hitting offenders' mailboxes for another two years.
Transport 10-09-2008

MEPs back cross-border traffic fines

The European Parliament's transport committee yesterday (9 September) backed plans to make it easier for national authorities to fine drivers from other EU countries for offences committed on their territory, such as speeding and drink-driving.
Transport 23-07-2007

‘Monster trucks’ spark controversy

'Modular trucks', 25-metre long, 60 tonne vehicles, being tested across the EU for their capacity to carry larger volumes in fewer trips, have come in for sharp criticism from the rail industry, which accuses their manufacturers of pushing up road-transport demand unsustainably.
Transport 09-07-2007

Experts urge EU to implement ‘single sky’

Member states must overcome their reluctance to hand over sovereignty on air-traffic control systems and speed up the implementation of a unified European system in order to improve industry's efficiency, enhance safety and slash CO2 emissions, according to a report by high-level experts.
Climate change 11-12-2003

EU research agreement a first step towards cuts in traffic pollution?

At the UN conference on climate change (COP 9), the EU has signed a research agreement with the United States, Japan and China to address air pollution from transport.

Exchange-rate policy prior to EMU membership

For the acceding countries the prospect of eventual membership in the European Monetary Union (EMU) already raises some important monetary-policy questions: when exactly should they join EMU, and what exchange-rate strategies should they adopt in the intervening period? Time is particularly tight for those that want to join EMU as quickly as possible.