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Central Europe 30-01-2013

EU says Romania needs to ‘do more’ on judicial reforms

After a difficult year for relations between Brussels and Bucharest, the European Commission said on Wednesday that Romania needs to 'do more' to respect the rule of law. Earlier last July, Commission's president Jose Manuel Barroso handed Romanian prime Minister Victor Ponta a 'to-do' list aimed at reforming the judicial system and to fight against corruption. Barroso even said that Romania had shaken “EU's trust”.
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Central Europe 22-08-2012

EC urges Romania to respect Basescu ruling

Romania's Constitutional Court on Tuesday decided to let president Basescu return to power and the European Commission is urging Romanian authorities to comply with the Court's ruling. Earlier in July, Primer Minister Victor Ponta's leftist government called a referendum to impeach center-right Basescu. The referendum came only months before parliamentary elections. But Romania's Constitutional Court declared the referendum void as turnout failed to reach the 50% threshold required.
Central Europe 21-08-2012

Romanian court clears way for B?sescu return

Romania's Constitutional Court ruled today (21 August) that the referendum held last month to remove President Traian B?sescu is invalid because turnout fell short of the required 50% threshold. Veteran politician B?sescu is now cleared to return in office, risking further confrontation with Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s government.
Central Europe 30-07-2012

Romanian President survives poll on low turnout

Romanian President Traian Basescu survived a referendum on his impeachment on Sunday after the voter turnout fell short of the required level and derailed an effort by his opponents to oust him from office.
Elections 19-07-2012

Romania and the EU: There is life after the referendum

Romania has to learn that, just as there was no easy way in, there is no easy way inside the EU club either. The European Commission is the guardian of the treaties and will act as such, as it did with other countries as well. This is one important lesson, says Radu Magdin.
Elections 09-07-2012

Romania: Balancing two hatreds

The fall of communism may have given Romanians the right to vote freely but, so far, their vote has been fuelled by hatred more than reason, writes Ovidiu Nahoi. With President Basescu facing an approval referendum, history seems to be repeating itself, he says.
Europe's East 04-07-2012

Who’s the real Victor in Romania?

The battle between Romania's president and prime minister over who should represent the country in Brussels only masks deeper problems, writes Barbara Frye.
Future EU 21-05-2012

Two Romanian leaders fight over single EU summit seat

Romania's recently elected prime minister, Victor Ponta, was prepared to attend the informal EU summit on Wednesday (23 May) although his country is usually represented by President Traian B?sescu. If both turn out at the summit, they there will only be one chair for them, a Council representative told EURACTIV.
Central Europe 30-04-2012

Victor Ponta to unveil new Romania cabinet next week

Romania's leftist opposition alliance USL which has toppled the country's two-month-old government in a vote of confidence will unveil a new cabinet lineup on 7 May, according its social democratic leader Victor Ponta, who is set to become the next prime minister.
Central Europe 27-04-2012

Romanian government toppled in no confidence vote

The Romanian government, which had been in office for just two months, fell on Friday (27 April) after losing a vote of confidence in parliament. A new government is expected to be formed within the next ten days.
Elections 09-02-2012

Romanian government falls: Plus ça change…

While the opposition may have forced the resignation of Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc, Romania is unlikely to make significant, strategic changes since the country's policies are conditioned by a much-needed agreement with the International Monetary Fund, argues Stratfor.