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Trade & Society 11-12-2014

Economist: ‘ISDS disconnect between rhetoric and reality’

SPECIAL REPORT: The integrity of EU trade policy, and the European Commission's capacity to negotiate, are on the line in the current ISDS debate, according to a proponent, economist Fredrik Erixon.
Agrifood 20-11-2014

Commission official: The EU is not going to change its food legislation because of TTIP

The EU is not going to change its food safety legislation under the negotiation for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which means that GMOs can be marketed in the EU only once they have been authorised, and beef from the USA would be marketable in Europe only if it is hormone free, Ignacio Garcia Bercero of the European Commission told EURACTIV Czech Republic.
Celeste Drake

US labour group: ‘Eurosceptic parties could ask the right questions on TTIP’

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) offers an opportunity to come up with a new model for global trade agreements, by learning from the mistakes of previous deals such as NAFTA, which has “destroyed jobs” and “increased income inequality", according to Celeste Drake.
Trade & Society 16-12-2013

MEP: TTIP negotiations threaten European consumer protection

Green MEP Martin Häusling, the party's spokesman for agriculture, warned that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the United States risked a trade-off between the EU's strict consumer protection policies and economic interests, with likely effects on the European agriculture industry. He spoke to EURACTIV Germany.
Trade & Society 30-10-2013

Goyens: Longstanding standards not a bargaining chip in EU-US trade talks

Consumer protection is not a barrier to trade and longstanding standards are not a bargaining chip in a transatlantic give and take exercise, said consumers' chief, Monique Goyens, in an interview with EURACTIV.
TTIP 25-09-2013

Beyrer: EU-US trade talks can achieve the impossible

Even though there is no clear roadmap on how to achieve regulatory cooperation - the most difficult chapter in the negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) - if there is "full political support, we can achieve what seems impossible", Markus Beyrer tells EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 23-09-2013

Moreira: TTIP must overcome cultural perceptions

The issues complicating a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement are deeply cultural and will not disappear. But they can be overcome, says Portuguese MEP and rapporteur on the trade agreement, Vital Moreira.
Trade & Society 08-07-2013

Kennard: We will have a ‘healthy debate’ on Prism and trade

EU and US negotiators are to hold their first round of talks on a long-term trade deal that has been overshadowed by allegations of American spying on EU offices and European governments. But Washington's envoy to the EU, William E. Kennard, foresees a "healthy debate" on trade.
Trade & Society 13-06-2013

Chase: Dynamics have to change to deliver EU-US trade deal

The single biggest problem facing the EU-US talks to deliver a transatlantic trade and investment agreement (TTIP) is the culture of trade negotiations. It is not about I win, you lose but rather we both win or we both lose, said US Chamber of Commerce, Peter Chase.