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Trade & Society 19-05-2015

National Front joins anti-TTIP lobby

The National Front launched a campaign against the transatlantic trade pact this week, two years after negotiations began between the EU and the United States. EURACTIV France reports
Trade & Society 16-04-2015

TTIP still a hard sell in Paris

Cecilia Malmström this week fielded questions from French MPs on the transatlantic trade deal. Despite determined French opposition, she hopes for a breakthrough that would see the agreement signed before the end of President Obama's mandate in 2017. EURACTIV France reports
Agrifood 09-03-2015

Paris caught meddling in TTIP arbitration debate

France has blamed a communication "failure" after EURACTIV revealed the existence of a letter instructing French MEPs how to vote on the controversial question of ISDS. Paris tried to rectify the error by sending another confidential letter to MEPs on 4 March. EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 27-02-2015

France makes U-turn on TTIP arbitration

Paris has warned French MEPs not to shut the door on Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanisms by voting against ISDS. EURACTIV France reports
Trade & Society 02-02-2015

Syriza-led Greek parliament ‘will never ratify TTIP’

The newly-elected government in Athens has always been suspicious of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and will use its Parliament majority to sink the EU-US trade pact, claims a former Syriza MEP now turned minister. EURACTIV Greece reports.
Trade & Society 27-01-2015

Paris and Berlin call for review of EU-Canada trade deal

Trade negotiations between the EU and Canada concluded in October 2013, but France and Germany now want to make changes to the CETA agreement’s investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clause. EURACTIV France reports
Development Policy 23-01-2015

TTIP is ‘big bonanza’ for developing countries, EU claims

The planned EU-US free trade agreement TTIP holds unexpected opportunities for developing countries, according to a recent study. But while the European Commission has high hopes for the deal, NGOs are warning of a transatlantic "Economic NATO" with devastating effects for the global world order. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Vytenis Andriukaitis
Agrifood 20-01-2015

No clear majority yet for US trade deal, says EU health chief

No clear majority has emerged so far among EU member states for a free-trade agreement between the EU and the United States, and both sides need to explain the benefits of such a deal, the EU's Health Commissioner has claimed in an interview.
Trade & Society 15-01-2015

France and Germany to form united front against ISDS

France and Germany are both outspoken in their criticisms of the inclusion of the Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism in the ongoing trade talks with the US. The two countries are discussing throwing their combined weight behind a common position onthe matter. EURACTIV France reports
Trade & Society 13-01-2015

European Parliament committee signals opposition to ISDS

The European Parliament’s trade committee has signalled its opposition to an investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clause in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
Trade & Society 09-12-2014

ISDS clause: a gateway to future trade deals

SPECIAL REPORT: Trade officials negotiating the ISDS arbitration clause within the EU-US trade agreement have half an eye on their next deals, since the wording is likely to shape other key trade treaties on the table.
[World Development Movement/Flickr httpbit.ly1pvV2Lp]
Trade & Society 28-11-2014

Commission defends TTIP’s Dispute Settlement mechanism

The Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism would help to standardise the level of protection for businesses across the EU’s member states, according to the European Commission. EURACTIV France reports.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes Germany and Europe can catch up with the United States and China in the digital sector. [World Economic Forum]
Trade & Society 17-11-2014

Merkel urges Europeans to speed up TTIP talks with US

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged European nations on Sunday (16 November) to speed up their negotiations with the United States over a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement between the US and EU.
[Dominik "Dome"/Flickr]
Trade & Society 17-11-2014

French government will not sign TTIP agreement in 2015

Matthias Fekl, France's Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, has made it clear that France will not support the inclusion of the Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism (ISDS) in a potential TTIP agreement. The ISDS is a point of heated debate between the EU and the United States. EURACTIV France reports
Trade & Society 31-10-2014

EU, US say hard to imagine trade deal without investor protection

A trade deal between the United States and Europe is hard to imagine without strong investor protection, US Trade Representative Michael Froman said on Thursday (30 October), hours after outgoing Commissioner Karel De Gucht said the US may break off talks unless Europeans show a firmer willingness to include investment-protection provisions in any deal.
[Stop TTIP/Flickr]

US and EU standards broadly similar, new research claims

European opponents of TTIP fear reduced social, health and environmental standards. But new research claims that levels of protection in various domains are broadly similar on both sides of the Atlantic. EURACTIV France reports.
Anti-TTIP protesteors march in Paris, 11 Oct. 2014 [Photo: collectif national unitaire stop TAFTA]
Trade & Society 13-10-2014

Anti-TTIP demonstrations seize European capitals

Some 400 activist groups marched all over Europe on Saturday (11 October) in protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), as the EU-US trade deal crystallises opposition to a wide variety of issues – from shale gas to corporate finance.
Trade & Society 09-10-2014

TTIP negotiating mandate finally declassified

The Council of the European Union Thursday (9 October) finally published the secret negotiating mandate for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the US.
Aid workers
Development Policy 03-10-2014

EU punching below its weight on global health issues

SPECIAL REPORT: The Ebola crisis and immunisation campaigns in Africa have demonstrated the EU's added value in addressing global health issues. But there is still potential to improve if EU countries were less "suspicious" of each other, health experts say.
CREDIT [openDemocracy/Flickr]
Trade & Society 23-09-2014

France’s latest calls for TTIP transparency fall on deaf ears

Matthias Fekl, the new French Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, has joined his predecessors in calling for the publication of the trade negotiation mandate between the EU and the United States. The continued lack of transparency in the negotiations could lead to the failure of TTIP.
Trade & Society 19-09-2014

Nothing wrong with chlorine-washed chicken, say German backers of TTIP

Fears over falling consumer protection standards in the event of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are unfounded, a recent study by a Cologne institute has said, arguing that the EU-US trade deal has the potential to offer Germany significant economic and geopolitical opportunities. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Le président de la Commission européenne, José Manuel Barroso et le premier ministre canadien, Stephen Harper lors d’une rencontre sur l’accord en septembre 2013
Trade & Society 28-07-2014

Germany threatens to reject EU-Canada free trade deal

Germany is to reject a multi-billion free trade deal between the European Union and Canada which is widely seen as a template for a bigger agreement with the United States, a leading German paper reported on Saturday (26 July).
A colourful fruit market in São Paulo Brazil. 2011 [Jack Zalium/Flickr]
Development Policy 25-07-2014

German NGO says TTIP will undermine global food security

The German aid organisation Brot für die Welt warns that a planned EU-US free trade agreement known as TTIP will undermine local support for smallholders in developing countries and exacerbate the global food crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger will be assigned the trade portfolio in the new European Commission. [EC]
Trade & Society 22-07-2014

Merkel eyes trade portfolio for Oettinger

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing for Günther Oettinger to be assigned the trade portfolio in the new European Commission, fuelling optimism in Germany’s economic sector. EURACTIV Germany reports.