About: Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

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Economy & Jobs 16-05-2014

250 arrested in anti-TTIP protest at European Business Summit

250 protesters were arrested in Brussels on Thursday in the margins of the European Business Summit or EBS, a convention of business and political leaders.
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Economy & Jobs 28-03-2014

Joseph Quinlan: ‘TTIP is the mother of all trade deals’

Speaking to EURACTIV about a potential EU-US trade deal, expert in transatlantic relations Joseph Quinlan said that TTIP “is the deepest more ambitious, trade agreement that we have ever seen”.
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Data protection 30-10-2013

US NSA chief denies collecting intelligence on EU citizens

The US intelligence chief has fought back against claims that the US was allegedly tapping the phones of EU citizens and leaders, including Angela Merkel. In a snap hearing in the US Congress on Tuesday, General Keith Alexander said that the US had not collected information on European citizens, hinting that it was EU governments who handed over the data. “Data was provided to NSA by foreign partners”, Alexander said.
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Economy & Jobs 18-06-2013

EU, US leaders launch free trade talks at G8 summit

This is  the "biggest bilateral trade deal in history". With these words, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Monday the beginning of negotiations of a free trade agreement between the EU and the US. Speaking in a joint news conference at the G8 Summit in Ireland, world leaders agreed that forging a trade deal will boost growth and create jobs across the Atlantic. According to the Commission,  an EU-US agreement could increase Europe's GDP by 0.5% annually and help create around 400,000 jobs.