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Politics 01-03-2019

Trans-Europe Express – England is a victim of its own self-deception

His eyes sink into the back of his head as his countenance becomes iced with the unmistakable whiteness of death. His head is placed delicately into a wooden box and sent to Ravenna. The blood of the Roman Emperor of...

Trans-Europe Express – Mother of all European elections

At a press conference about '100 days before the next European elections', European Parliament spokesperson Jaime Duch Guillot made plenty of use of superlatives. Because this year’s European elections are dead serious.
Politics 25-01-2019

Trans-Europe Express – Land of My Poor Fathers

Wales voted to leave the EU just like England did but spare a thought for a country that will be most hard hit by Brexit. The green, green grass of home is starting to turn brown.
Future EU 18-01-2019

Trans-Europe Express – Feminism at the heart of the European Parliament

This week the European Parliament called for a more gender-balanced chamber, as Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez defended feminism as one of the core values of the EU.

TEE – High Noon in Germany

On 4 January, the German government quietly presented its National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), thus meeting at the very last minute a European Commission requirement to member states to finalise the first draft by the end of 2018...
Global Europe 14-12-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Cognac catalyst

How much influence does the EU actually have over the rest of the world? In one of the most volatile regions in the northern hemisphere, the answer is: quite a lot (potentially). 
Future EU 07-12-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Germany’s next Bundeskanzler

Rarely has a national party convention been followed so eagerly in Brussels corridors. As Germany's CDU party is set to vote this afternoon on Chancellor Angela Merkel's successor at the party helm, thoughts are already on the future.

Trans-Europe Express – Once bitten, twice prepared

With Ukraine flaring up again, tensions and security concerns in Eastern Europe are back these days, with increasingly harsh language, signs of a new arms race and hybrid threats as a new form of confrontation. On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel...
Global Europe 23-11-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Europe’s door of the desert

Known as ‘the door of the desert’ on the edge of the Sahara, the Moroccan town of Ouazarzate is home to film studios where historical epics such as Gladiator and Troy are made for Hollywood. Just as epic is the 3,000...
Politics 16-11-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Few ideas, many grievances  

Angela Merkel's speech on the future of Europe this week produced a few ideas. But even though observers had hoped to hear a new game plan for Europe's mounting challenges, expectations fell short. At least altercations between Parliament and Commission officials were not in short supply.

Trans-Europe Express – Migration still tops EU’s agenda

The numbers may have fallen dramatically – by October the number of migrants reaching Europe had dropped to around 80,000 so far this year, compared to 300,000 in 2016 - but European leaders are still preoccupied with migration control.

Trans-Europe Express – Water, water, everywhere

“We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.” Those words by the late Jacques Cousteau become truer by the day in our ever more polluted world. But the EU could be on the brink of cleaning up the one thing none of us can live without.
Global Europe 19-10-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Shiny happy people

A sculpture representing shiny happy people holding hands appeared on Schuman roundabout this week while EU leaders held their most useless EU summit in years, in what was a botched attempt to fix issues such as Brexit and migration.
Elections 12-10-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Bruising in Bavaria

The Bavarian state elections are just around the corner and the conservative CSU looks about to wave goodbye to its absolute majority. What would that mean for Bavaria and beyond?
Politics 05-10-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Is there anybody down there?

Hello Portugal? Italy? Spain? Bulgaria? Croatia? Romania? Slovenia? Greece? Or even... France? Does anyone down there even care about European politics?
EU Elections 2019 28-09-2018

Trans-Europe Express – EU values, the elephant in the room

As MEPs from across the political spectrum prepare to face off in kick-off European election debates in the coming weeks, one thing is clear: the words "European values" will be heard a lot.
Politics 21-09-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Rock around the bunker

During the Salzburg EU summit, English-speaking media were quick to draw the link between the Austrian city and the setting of the Sound of Music. For French-speaking journalists, the informal meeting brought another song to mind: "Rock around the bunker" by iconic Frenchman Serge Gainsbourg.
Politics 14-09-2018

Trans-Europe Express – The True State of the Union

A victorious post-bailout Alexis Tsipras, a defiant Viktor Orbán backed by far-right colleagues and an exhausted Jean-Claude Juncker. This week’s EP plenary showed, even more than Juncker’s tired annual address, what the actual state of the Union is and the contradictions Europe is facing.
Politics 07-09-2018

TEE, powered by the European Parliament – War is on between pro-Europeans, anti-migrations

“Where is the French right going?” LR deputy Maël de Calan asks in the book "The populist temptation", released on 30 August. Inside French right-wing party Les Republicains, the stance of its leader raises questions and doubts.

Trans-Europe Express – Romania government gets help from Trump’s lawyer

Romania’s governing coalition is pressing on with plans to bring the judiciary under control, despite the massive protests just a few weeks ago. And leaders of the ruling parties got an unexpected helper from Washington.
Politics 20-07-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Bon Voyage, Europe

All of you preparing to go to southern Europe by car this summer, good luck! Especially on your way back.
Global Europe 13-07-2018

Trans-Europe Express – NATO is dead

NATO held its first summit in its grandiose new buildings this week. This should have suggested a new beginning for the transatlantic alliance. But the impression from the discussions was quite the reverse.
Brexit 06-07-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Desperately seeking white smoke

In less than nine months, the UK will formally leave the EU. That much is clear. Nothing else is.
Politics 22-06-2018

Trans-Europe Express – 100 shades of gruesomeness

Germany's grand coalition, or GroKo as it has been dubbed, had little cause to celebrate its 100 days in office on 21 June. Instead, it came under sharp criticism from all sides.