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Agrifood 25-04-2019

EU curbs trans fats from 2021 to boost heart health

The EU adopted a regulation on Wednesday (24 April) to curb trans fat amounts in products like snack food as part of efforts to fight heart disease and strokes in Europe.
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Regulating trans fats in food
Health 18-10-2018

Regulating trans fats in food

In light of discussions on an EU Regulation on trans fatty acids (TFA), FEDIOL shares its views on the upcoming EU Regulation and explains briefly industry's action so far.
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Health 01-12-2017

FEDIOL perspective – Hydrogenation in the context of the debate on Trans Fatty Acids (TFA)

FEDIOL supports the introduction of an EU-wide 2% non-ruminant TFA legal limit on fat basis in products intended to the final consumers together with the deletion of the existing full/partial hydrogenation labelling as prescribed by Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011.
Health 07-12-2015

Fat content: Mandatory labelling requirements are misleading

The current labelling requirements for vegetable oils and fats stigmatises the European margarines and spreads industry wrongly, writes Siska Pottie.
Trans fats
Health 03-12-2015

Commission wants EU legislation on trans fats

The European Commission wants to set a legal limit for industrial trans fats in food products, according to a new report by the executive, published on Thursday (3 December).
McGuinness MEP: ‘The high cost of poor cardiovascular health is enormous’
Health 28-07-2015

McGuinness MEP: ‘The high cost of poor cardiovascular health is enormous’

The EU should better coordinate research on cardivascular disease and take action on industrial trans fatty acids, says Mairead McGuinness.
Agrifood 22-04-2015

Officials accuse Timmermans of delaying EU health, food safety rules

A growing number of officials in the European Commission's health unit are complaining that health and food safety legislation is being delayed due to slow decision-making from Frans Timmermans, the Commission's First Vice-President in charge of Better Regulation.