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Economy & Jobs 28-03-2018

Consumers hail proposal to limit transaction costs in EU

The European Commission’s proposals to limit transfer costs to non-euro members and currency conversions abroad were welcomed by consumer and transparency activists, although NGOs complained that it would not benefit migrants’ remittances.
Euro & Finance 13-06-2008

MasterCard temporarily annuls cross-border fees

MasterCard is provisionally repealing the cross-border interchange fees it charges on all transactions made in Europe with credit or debit cards in a bid to comply with a Commission deadline of 21 June. But it will continue to look for a fee scheme that complies with EU rules.
Euro & Finance 10-10-2006

Finance ministers give strong backing for SEPA

The Council is to decide on the legal framework for setting up an integrated market for payment services in the eurozone by 2010. A study suggests, however, that not all banks are ready for implementation.