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Politics 11-06-2021

Transatlantic summits and a Bulgarian organ scandal

Next week, all the lights will be shining over Brussels, where a double summit is taking place. World leaders are hoping to set a key milestone in renewing the transatlantic partnership and maintaining economic ties between the EU and the...
Global Europe 22-11-2013

EU-US-Morocco: Strategic triangle in a ‘wider’ Atlantic

The Arab Spring did not reach Morocco, but the country became a bastion of moderation – religious, social and political – in an otherwise turbulent region, writes Daniel Novotny.

Time to unblock Macedonia’s accession to NATO

Greece's ongoing objections to Macedonia's membership in NATO demonstrates that unlimited veto power threatens to make the alliance less responsive, restrictively bureaucratic, and subject to the mercy of any internal disagreement, no matter how small, writes Sally A. Painter.
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Trade & Society 13-03-2013

Europe fires starting gun for EU-US trade talks – EU’s Barroso statement

The European Commission recommended yesterday (12 March) that EU member states authorise the launch of negotiations for a transatlantic trade and investment agreement.
Trade & Society 13-03-2013

Europe fires starting gun for EU-US trade talks

The European Commission recommended yesterday (12 March) that EU member states authorise the launch of negotiations for a transatlantic trade and investment agreement.
Global Europe 20-02-2013

EU-US trade deal needs rules of engagement

The prospects for a successful negotiation of a transatlantic trade and investment agreement would be greatly improved if the two sides could agree on some rules of engagement, creating a real momentum and sense of purpose, writes Philip Whyte.
Trade & Society 20-02-2013

Transatlantic trade deal is Obama’s chance for a legacy

There has been much fanfare over the US “pivot to Asia” and the idea has caused consternation in China, and Europe. A pivot back to Europe would have a beneficial effect not only on the transatlantic economy but on the rest of the world, but only if President Barack Obama seizes the historic moment and makes it his legacy, writes Frederick Kempe.
Trade & Society 13-02-2013

EU, US clear way for game-changing trade deal

Leaders on both sides of the Atlantic have given the green light to start negotiations for a free trade agreement establishing the largest economic alliance in the world, which already accounts for some €455bn in trade and millions of jobs.
Trade & Society 12-02-2013

Obama to call for EU-US trade talks in today’s address

US President Barack Obama is expected to call for comprehensive trade and investment talks with the European Union in his annual State of the Union speech today (12 February), following more than a year of exploratory discussions.
Global Europe 11-12-2012

US intelligence mulls three scenarios for EU in 2030

Europe will not disintegrate and will remain a great power in 2030, but the key question is whether the EU will punch its collective weight in the future, says a recent US intelligence report which draws three possible scenarios for the Union – decline, collapse or renaissance.
Transport 04-12-2012

France, Italy vow to press on with high-speed Alpine rail link

The leaders of France and Italy pledged on Monday (3 December) to push ahead with a high-speed rail link between Lyon and Turin despite a row over EU spending.
Transport 28-11-2012

Obama shields US airlines from EU’s carbon scheme

President Barack Obama signed a bill yesterday (27 November) shielding US airlines from paying for each tonne of carbon their planes emit flying into and out of Europe, despite a recent move by Europe to suspend its proposed measure for one year.
Global Europe 27-11-2012

The long view of Transatlantic ties

Europe and the United States must look beyond the economy and narrative of decline and advance the longer view of history, seeing difficult times as opportunities, writes European Parliament Martin Schulz, in an exclusive opinion for EURACTIV.
Global Europe 07-11-2012

Obama II and Europe

With stratospheric popularity levels in Europe, Barack Obama - who won a second term last night - is expected to make a renewed commitment to energising the world economy by re-launching transatlantic trade relations, US analysts say. EURACTIV reports from Washington.
Trade & Society 11-10-2012

EU, US companies push for ‘realistic’ transatlantic trade deal

SPECIAL REPORT / Companies on both sides of the Atlantic have urged EU and US policymakers to negotiate a ‘realistic’ trade and investment agreement that not only benefits their economies, but serves as a model for the rest of the world.

Time running out for Europe in Asia

SPECIAL REPORT / A fledgling trade agreement between the United States, Latin America and Asia threatens to derail Europe’s attempts to create free trade agreements with Japan and the US and casts doubt on the EU’s lack of strategy towards Asia, trade experts say.
Trade & Society 08-10-2012

EU, US trade agreement is a top priority

A transatlantic trade agreement can give new hope for growth and a more positive agenda in the devastating eurocrisis, writes Raymond Gradus.
Trade & Society 08-10-2012

Much ado about future of Doha trade talks

SPECIAL REPORT / While multilateralism is faltering, its supporters are trying to find a new raison d’être for the deadlocked Doha trade talks ahead of the WTO’s next big meeting in Indonesia in December 2013.
Elections 04-10-2012

Romney, on the offensive, dominates first US debate

An aggressive Mitt Romney took the fight to President Barack Obama yesterday (3 October) and the Republican candidate appeared to breathe new life into his struggling campaign with a solid performance at their first debate.
Global Europe 21-09-2012

Thumann: Careful about bashing China

The EU should not be afraid of China’s growing competitive power. Rather, it should strive to have open markets and work towards starting negotiations for an investment treaty to provide better legal protections for European companies in the Chinese market, said BusinessEurope President Jürgen Thumann tells EURACTIV.
Global Europe 14-09-2012

Americans turn to Europe, downgrading China: Survey

Fifty five percent of Americans believe Europe is more important to their national interests than China or the rest of Asia, according to the latest German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) transatlantic trends survey, released yesterday (13 September).
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Economy & Jobs 03-07-2012

New Momentum for Trans-Atlantic Relations?

At the 2011 EU-US Summit, leaders assigned the Transatlantic Economic Council to establish a high- level working group on jobs and growth. This working group focuses on identifying policies and measures to increase EU -- US trade and investment to support job creation, economic growth and international competitiveness. Following the recent G8 summit in Maryland and the high level working group's report to be issued soon, negotiations on transatlantic trade will receive renewed impetus.
Global Europe 21-06-2012

EU, US inch towards trade deal

Europe and the United States are making progress toward a comprehensive trade agreement that seeks to boost growth and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic, said respective leaders at a G20 meeting in Mexico yesterday (20 June).

Resource efficiency: A global game changer

The EU has established resource efficiency as one of its seven flagship initiatives for the 2020 agenda, and its roadmap is supported by many programmes and initiatives on the ground. Yet, it is a tiger without teeth, claims the latest report by the Transatlantic Academy, a research institution that aims to create common approaches for the long-term challenges faced by Europe and North America.