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Global Europe 22-11-2013

EU-US-Morocco: Strategic triangle in a ‘wider’ Atlantic

The Arab Spring did not reach Morocco, but the country became a bastion of moderation – religious, social and political – in an otherwise turbulent region, writes Daniel Novotny.

Time to unblock Macedonia’s accession to NATO

Greece's ongoing objections to Macedonia's membership in NATO demonstrates that unlimited veto power threatens to make the alliance less responsive, restrictively bureaucratic, and subject to the mercy of any internal disagreement, no matter how small, writes Sally A. Painter.
Global Europe 20-02-2013

EU-US trade deal needs rules of engagement

The prospects for a successful negotiation of a transatlantic trade and investment agreement would be greatly improved if the two sides could agree on some rules of engagement, creating a real momentum and sense of purpose, writes Philip Whyte.
Trade & Society 20-02-2013

Transatlantic trade deal is Obama’s chance for a legacy

There has been much fanfare over the US “pivot to Asia” and the idea has caused consternation in China, and Europe. A pivot back to Europe would have a beneficial effect not only on the transatlantic economy but on the rest of the world, but only if President Barack Obama seizes the historic moment and makes it his legacy, writes Frederick Kempe.
Global Europe 27-11-2012

The long view of Transatlantic ties

Europe and the United States must look beyond the economy and narrative of decline and advance the longer view of history, seeing difficult times as opportunities, writes European Parliament Martin Schulz, in an exclusive opinion for EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 08-10-2012

EU, US trade agreement is a top priority

A transatlantic trade agreement can give new hope for growth and a more positive agenda in the devastating eurocrisis, writes Raymond Gradus.

Resource efficiency: A global game changer

The EU has established resource efficiency as one of its seven flagship initiatives for the 2020 agenda, and its roadmap is supported by many programmes and initiatives on the ground. Yet, it is a tiger without teeth, claims the latest report by the Transatlantic Academy, a research institution that aims to create common approaches for the long-term challenges faced by Europe and North America.
Global Europe 02-04-2012

Is Europe prepared for the new world order?

While Europe is cutting its defence budgets due to the financial crisis, emerging countries are strengthening their military power, leading to a geopolitical shift in the international arena, writes Gergely Varga.
Global Europe 05-12-2011

Transatlantic relations in 2020: A tale of four futures

Deeper global currents might challenge EU-US relations in the future and history will remember transatlantic leaders not just for how they managed short-term crises but whether they effectively positioned their country and continent for the future, write Daniel Hamilton and Kurt Volker.
Global Europe 16-12-2010

Partnership for Innovation

If the EU and the US connect their markets at this week's Trans-Atlantic Economic Council meeting, a new era of transatlantic innovation can begin, writes William E. Kennard, the US Ambassador to the European Union.
Public Affairs 08-11-2010

EU-US legislative cooperation can reach critical mass in 2011

As the dust settles after the US mid-term elections, Congress should not put on hold behind-the-scenes movements that have strengthened the bond between Congress and the European Parliament in the past few months, argue two analysts from the Bertelsmann Foundation.
Global Europe 01-06-2010

Turkey and the West: The end of a partnership?

Turkey's agreement with Iran to store low-enriched uranium in return for fuel rods for use in a medical research reactor suggests that Ankara is disillusioned with Europe and that Turkey's post-war partnership with the West may be coming to an end, writes Sinan Ülgen, chairman of the Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM) in Istanbul.
Global Europe 26-03-2010

Why Obama’s healthcare victory is good for transatlantic relations

The passage of President Obama's healthcare reforms in the US Congress should be good news for America's transatlantic partners, because it shows a convergence between the US and European social systems and may allow Obama to focus more on foreign policy, argues Ian O. Lesser, senior transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund, in a March publication.
Global Europe 07-12-2009

Russia’s security proposal: The wrong blueprint

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's proposal for a new European Security Treaty has been received with mixed feelings, amid doubts among its detractors over Moscow's reliability as a partner given its inability to comply with existing agreements, write Daniel Fata and David Kramer, senior fellows at the German Marshall Fund, in a December paper.
EU Priorities 2020 16-12-2008

Rewiring the US-EU relationship

The election of Barack Obama as US president will "seriously narrow the policy differences" between Europe and the US, write Daniel Korski, senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), et al. in a December paper.
Global Europe 14-11-2008

Transatlantic relations and the ‘Obama effect’

"Europe got the [US] president it wanted on 4th November," writes Tomas Valasek, director of foreign policy and defence at the Centre for European Reform (CER), in a November commentary.
EU Priorities 2020 31-10-2008

The Transatlantic Economy by 2025

While the "first decade and a half of globalisation was largely driven and shaped by the United States and Europe," tomorrow's world will be multipolar, with rising powers posing both opportunities and risks for the transatlantic economy, writes Joseph Quinlan, chief market strategist at Bank of America Capital Management, for the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
EU Priorities 2020 30-10-2008

A new agenda for transatlantic relations

The next US president will "inherit the most complex, difficult and dangerous array of foreign policy challenges ever facing a newcomer to the Oval Office," writes Strobe Talbott, president of the Brookings Institution, in the autumn edition of Internationale Politik (IP).
Global Europe 04-07-2008

Why the US is destined to remain a ‘European power’

Despite the current crisis and the deteriorating state of the relationship between the US and the EU, their partnership is set to continue, argues Bertel Heurlin, a professor of European security and integration at the University of Copenhagen, in the summer edition of Europe's World.
Development Policy 26-06-2008

Narrowing the Transatlantic Climate Divide: A Roadmap for Progress

G8 countries meeting in Hokkaido, Japan on 7-9 July should strive to bridge the gap that exists between them on proposals to tackle climate change, argues Nigel Purvis of Climate Advisers in a June 2008 policy paper for the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
Global Europe 21-05-2008

Turkey’s role in transatlantic relations

Turkey's relations with the EU have become a pivotal issue in the evolving EU-NATO relationship but security concerns still need to be ironed out, says Sinan Ülgen in an April discussion paper for the Istanbul-based Centre for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM).
EU Priorities 2020 22-04-2008

Mending Relations: America’s Image in Europe

With US presidential elections looming, it is necessary to manage the expectation of change in US foreign policy to heal the transatlantic rift, says John Glenn of the German Marshall Fund of the US in a March 2008 paper, using the 2007 Transatlantic Trends survey to gather opinions on both sides of the Atlantic.
Global Europe 02-10-2007

Transatlantic relations after Bush

The hopes of many Europeans for a different relationship with the US after the Bush mandate rests on a premise that the Bush administration is unique, writes Kori Schake in this paper from the Centre for European Reform. The future of transatlantic relations will depend on the will of Europeans and Americans to take the sensibilities of the others into account, she argues.
Transport 30-08-2007

Slots trading under Open Skies – the implications for allocating capacity

While the signing of the Open Skies agreement between the EU and the USA has been hailed as a triumph for the consumer, with the prospect of more intensive competition and lower fares in the transatlantic market, the actual impact of the deal may be severely restricted because of limited airport capacity and slot shortages in the EU, according to a study by the independent economics consultancy Oxera.