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Last two refugees from the transit zone want to stay in Hungary

Hungary has been one of the most vocal opponents of accepting refugees and migrants from Africa and Asia. Yet, Iranian refugee Abouzar Soltani and his young son have decided to stay in the country, after spending 18 months in a detention centre there. EURACTIV's media partner Telex reports.

EU court deals another blow to Hungarian asylum policy

In the latest legal setback for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the top EU court in Luxembourg ruled that Budapest had broken Union law by restricting access to the international protection procedure for asylum applicants in transit zones and unlawfully detaining them.

Top EU court says Hungarian ‘transit zone’ amounts to detention

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) said on Thursday (14 May) that holding migrants and asylum seekers in a transit zone is detention, and challengers must have their day in court at least once. 
Global Europe 19-07-2019

UN expert describes Hungarian migrant camps as places of detention and deterrence

A United Nations human rights expert has expressed concerns about the detention conditions of migrants in Hungarian transit zones, urging authorities to move families and children to other centres with better health and sanitary facilities.

Right-wing party files criminal complaint against Austrian government over refugee crisis

The chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) has brought a criminal complaint against the Austrian government for its handling of the refugee crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Western Balkans route still preference of most refugees

The steady stream of refugees through the Balkans continues - while the national governments of their desired destinations are tightening their asylum laws in reaction. EURACTIV Germany reports.

How Germany actually deals with 10,000 refugees a day

The emergency structures put in place by Berlin to manage the refugee crisis has the huge task of proving Angela Merkel’s “we can do it” claim correct. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.

Austria shelves border fence

After much back and forth, the Austrian government intends to control its Slovenian border without resorting to building fences. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Austria accused of waving through refugees into Bavaria

As the refugee crisis pushes the relationship between Austria and Bavaria to breaking point, an Austrian MEP has called for both sides to come to an understanding. EURACTIV Germany reports.

German air force to help deport asylum seekers

The German government has agreed upon a faster deportation system, using military support, for refugees whose asylum requests are rejected. EURACTIV Germany reports.

‘No taboos’ when it comes to refugee policy debate

Partisan critics of Angela Merkel's refugee policy hope that their bluff is not called. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.

Merkel continues to take hits from own party on refugee policy

The dispute over how to handle the refugee crisis rages on, as 100 of Angela Merkel's own party criticised her approach. EURACTIV's partner Tagesspiegel reports.

Berlin wants unity at EU refugee summit

The German government has called for member states to work together at the upcoming EU summit on the Syria refugee crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.