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Brexit 16-01-2020

UK minister defends EU settlement scheme as applications surge

The United Kingdom on Thursday (16 January) defended its much-criticised scheme to guarantee the rights of EU nationals after Brexit, as the country’s Home Office announced that a vast majority have already applied for settled status.
Brexit 24-10-2018

The long good-bye: Theresa May’s Brexit transition plan could last for years

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan could leave Britain in a “long running” multiyear transition period, the London Times reported on Wednesday (24 October) citing leaked documents seen by the newspaper. According to the leaked documents, the plan “could...
Brexit 20-02-2018

Davis: UK will not have ‘Mad Max’ economy to undercut rivals

Brexit minister David Davis will say today (20 February) that the United Kingdom has no plans to recast itself as a regulation-light economy undercutting rivals on the continent, as he attempts to dispel a major concern of EU leaders.
Brexit 09-02-2018

EU doubts 2020 Brexit vision, sees longer goodbye

The European Union believes Britain will not be ready to make a full break from the bloc by the end of 2020 as Brexit transition plans foresee and several senior EU figures said they are bracing for a much longer goodbye.
Brexit 09-02-2018

UK accuses EU of bad faith over Brexit transition plan

A senior British minister yesterday (8 February) accused the European Union of acting in bad faith over a plan to sanction London if it breaks the rules of the post-Brexit transition period.
Enlargement 06-02-2004

Interview news: Fear of flood of cheap labour is exaggerated

The EU should fear a brain drain heading East and not a flood of cheap labour from new Member States, says a Dutch expert in labour mobility in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Enlargement 07-05-2001

Nyköping reveals short-sighted national interests

Issues of financial aid, farm payments and free movement of workers dampen EU Member States' enthusiasm for enlargement
Enlargement 26-04-2001

Robust growth forecast for candidate countries

Commission forecasts robust growth in the ten Central and Eastern European candidate countries in 2001 and 2002
Enlargement 20-04-2001

Shorter transition for Polish real estate?

Commission is expected to propose 10-year moratorium on foreign purchases of farmland in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic
Enlargement 13-04-2001

Candidates object to labour transition periods

Candidates say curbs to free movement of their people after EU enlargement are discriminatory and may delay negotiations
Enlargement 12-04-2001

EU proposes job curbs for Central Europeans

Commission proposes five to seven year transition periods for workers from future Central and Eastern European EU Member States
Enlargement 12-04-2001

Poland makes more concessions to EU

Poland makes concessions in enlargement talks to speed up its integration into the EU
Enlargement 02-03-2001

Commission to recommend 4-year transition for CEEC workers?

Commission expected to recommend 4-year transition period for free movement of Eastern Europeans after enlargement