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Europe's East 17-07-2019

Moldova FM: We want to move as quickly as possible on EU accession

There is a high consensus in Moldova that we want good relations with Brussels and Moscow, but we have no alternative to strong pro-European integration, Moldova's new foreign minister, Nicu Popescu, told EURACTIV.com in an exclusive interview.
Europe's East 22-02-2019

In Moldova, voters choose between Russia and Europe

Voters in Moldova head to the polls on Sunday (24 February) for a parliamentary election reflecting the tiny ex-Soviet republic's long-standing division between pro-Russians and pro-Europeans.
Central Asia 02-11-2017

Kazakhstan hosts Jordan king in flurry of diplomatic activity

A flurry of diplomatic activity continued in Astana on Wednesday (1 November), marked by the visit of the King of Jordan, Abdullah II, who was awarded a prize for fighting against nuclear proliferation.
Europe's East 23-02-2017

Transnistria’s economic woes present Moldova with opportunity

Moldovan media reports that the country could take advantage of Transnistria’s uncertain future and bring the disputed territory back under its control. But Chișinău insists that it would rather remain neutral. EURACTIV Romania reports.

Moldova balks at idea of closer NATO ties

Pro-Russian President of Moldova Igor Dodon yesterday (7 February) warned NATO that the closer ties it seeks with his strategically placed country could undermine its neutrality and threaten its security.
Europe's East 21-01-2016

Protestors break into Parliament, as Moldova’s new pro-EU government is approved

Moldovan lawmakers approved a new government yesterday (20 January), headed by a pro-European premier, amid chaotic scenes, as angry protesters entered parliament and opposition legislators tried to block the vote.
Elections 23-09-2015

Former PM: Early elections would be ‘a catastrophe’ for Moldova

EXCLUSIVE/ Early elections would only profit the pro-Russian forces, former Prime Minister Vlad Filat told EURACTIV, as tens of thousands of Moldovans are protesting in Chisinau, demanding the resignation of the president, and early elections, over a $1 billion bank fraud that has hit living standards. 
Europe's East 29-06-2015

Pro-EU candidate wins Chisinau election

The incumbent pro-European Union mayor of the capital of Moldova won the runoff vote against a pro-Russian opponent on Sunday (28 June), securing a third term in office, the country's electoral commission said Monday.
Europe's East 15-06-2015

Chisinau mayoral race pits pro-EU against pro-Russia candidates

The pro-European Union mayor of the capital of Moldova narrowly led the race against a pro-Russian opponent after local polls, electoral officials in the impoverished ex-Soviet country said today (15 June).
Global Europe 22-04-2015

EPP: EU should tell Russia we are ready to go to war

Hawkish language was heard at a hearing organised by the centre-right EPP political group in the European Parliament Tuesday (21 April), with lawmakers arguing that the best deterrence was to be ready for war.
Klaus Iohannis
Europe's East 02-03-2015

Iohannis visits Moldova, discusses regional security

During a visit to Moldova and Germany, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis held talks concerning the continuation of Moldova`s European path. Both Klaus Iohannis and Angela Merkel gave assurance that Romania and the European Union will support Moldova. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Socialist Party election poster depicts activists meeting with Putin. It reads “Together with Russia” [Reuters]
Elections 01-12-2014

Difficult coalition talks expected after Moldova election

Moldova's three main pro-Europe parties appeared on course to be able to form a new coalition government, with most of the vote from an election yesterday (30 November) counted, despite the pro-Moscow Socialist Party taking first place, analysts said today.
Europe's East 03-07-2014

Russia defies Moldova’s EU pact by boosting Transnistria trade

Moscow said yesterday (2 July) tying Moldova closer to the EU violated the rights of the people in the former Soviet republic's breakaway, Russian-speaking region of Transnistria and said it would foster closer ties with the enclave.
Europe's East 02-07-2014

Moldova sets record in ratifying EU association agreement

Moldova has ratified today its EU association agreement today (2 July) , which was signed last Friday on the occasion of the last EU summit. However, the largest force in parliament, the pro-Russia Communists, boycotted the vote.
Europe's East 24-04-2014

France, Germany promise Moldova EU support

The foreign ministers of France and Germany, Laurent Fabius and Frank Walter Steinmeier, reassured Moldova Wednesday (23 April) that the EU stood ready to sign an association agreement with Chisinau this summer, and that the Union supported the country’s territorial integrity.
Europe's East 24-03-2014

NATO warns of Russian threat to Moldova

NATO's top military commander said on Sunday (23 March) Russia had built up a "very sizeable" force on its border with Ukraine, and that Moscow may move to annex the breakaway region of Transdniestria.
Europe's East 19-03-2014

Anxiety grows in Europe as Transnistria asks for Russian annexation

Following the annexation of Crimea, the Russian-controlled province of Transnistria in Moldova has asked to join Russia, triggering concerns over the region's future stability, as experts lay down worst-case scenarios.
Europe's East 16-01-2014

Moldova: EU Commission clarifies intentions about Transnistria

The European Commission has fleshed out its plans for Moldova following acid comments from the Russian ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, on Monday (13 January), deriding Europe’s capacity to deal with Moldova's break-away province of Transnistria, which has close ties with Moscow.
Europe's East 03-09-2013

Russia threatens Moldova over its EU relations

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has warned Moldova that signing an association agreement with the European Union would have “serious consequences” for the country’s future, echoing similar threats levelled at Ukraine.
Europe's East 23-08-2012

Bomb thrown at Moldovan PM during Merkel visit

A man threw a petrol bomb at the motorcade of Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat as he returned from hosting a reception for visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a government aide said today (23 August). There were no injuries reported in the attack.
Elections 19-03-2012

Moldova elects president after 917-day deadlock

Moldova's parliament elected a veteran judge who vowed to tackle rampant corruption as the country's new president on Friday (16 March), ending a three-year hiatus that had delayed reform in the impoverished, ex-Soviet republic.
Europe's East 01-12-2011

Transnistria talks resume, with few expectations

Officials from Moldova and its breakaway Transnistria region met yesterday (30 November) in Vilnius, Lithuania, for the first talks in almost six years aimed at ending one of Europe's most intractable frozen conflicts.  
Europe's East 08-09-2011

Poland forum kick-starts Transnistria talks

A rare meeting between the leaders of Moldova and its rebel Transnistria region this week could kick-start efforts to end one of the most intractable frozen conflicts in Europe, the ex-Soviet republic's prime minister said yesterday (7 September) in Krynica, Poland.
Med & South 06-09-2010

Moldova’s presidency referendum flops

A referendum in Moldova to decide whether to elect the president by popular vote appeared to have flopped yesterday (5 September) due to a low turnout, according to Central Election Commission figures.

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