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Public Affairs 20-11-2013

Parliament VP: If you want true lobby policing, you need more resources

A review of the EU’s Transparency Register, due to be completed in December, has highlighted divisions on key issues such as the compulsory registration of lobbyists. Rainer Wieland, a German MEP working on the review, says such questions could be postponed to a later date.
Politics 03-10-2013

EU fails to scrutinise lobbyists who operate in the dark

With the European Commission and Parliament leading a joint committee to scrutinise the EU’s lobbyist transparency register, NGOs are keeping a close eye on the developments. The Parliament's credibility is at risk if the register is not made mandatory, argues Paul de Clerck.
Public Affairs 16-11-2007

EPACA: Single public affairs register ‘better system’

As the European Commission finalises plans for its public affairs register, set to be introduced next spring, EPACA chairman José Lalloum told EURACTIV in an interview that the system must be mandatory and common to both the Commission and the Parliament if it is to be a success.
Public Affairs 15-05-2007

Kallas: ‘Simplification is a very complicated exercise’

In an interview with EURACTIV, Adminstration, Audit and Anti-Fraud Commissioner Siim Kallas assesses how well he feels that his 'Triple A' objectives have been fulfilled and expresses '100% confidence' in the voluntary lobbyists' register. 
Public Affairs 28-06-2006

Interview with Elizabeth Crossick on the transparency initiative

In an interview with EURACTIV, Elizabeth Crossick of Freshfields says she does not see the point in disclosing the fees law firms are paid to carry out lobbying tasks for their clients. This, she argues, would do little to deter potential improper behaviour.
EU Priorities 2020 07-01-2005

Kallas on the “Triple-A” tasks

In an interview with EURACTIV, Commissioner Kallas has signalled that he may make changes as head of the new "triple-A" portfolio, combining administration, audit and anti-fraud.