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COVID crisis worsened corruption in EU: watchdog

The pandemic has worsened corruption across the European Union, Transparency International said Tuesday (15 June), with citizens at times needing personal connections to get medical care and some governments using the crisis for their own gain.
Politics 24-01-2020

Germany urged to crack down on dubious party donations

Germany has made no progress in the fight against corruption in the past year, according to Transparency International. In the German context, corruption usually takes the form of party donations. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Politics 10-07-2018

Transparency International reveals MEPs’ additional income

MEPs’ outside income raises questions : some MEPs (particularly on the far-right) take part in activities which are likely to lead to conflicts of interest, without the European Parliament taking the slightest action. EURACTIV.fr reports
Politics 24-11-2017

EU mandatory register for lobbyists, a baby step towards full transparency

Over time, the business of influence has been honed into a fine art in Western democracies. But that art is becoming increasingly regulated, even if the average citizen perceives lobbyists as cigar-smoking men in suits wining and dining lawmakers to gain an unfair advantage.
Politics 23-11-2017

Balancing secrecy and openness, the EU strives for transparency

EU laws go through a roller-coaster of opacity, with lawmaking only becoming visible in some parts of the process. But a new regime could extend this transparency from conception to birth.
Central Europe 22-11-2016

Transparency International looks into Slovak Presidency accounting

Following revelations by a whistleblower, Transparency International has uncovered tricks for funding projects without going through public procurement procedures. EURACTIV Slovakia reports.
Public Affairs 22-11-2016

Transparency International: EU must fight corruption in order to beat populism

Creeping populism is seducing thousands of citizens who seem to swallow the anti-elite narrative attacking corrupt officials, but the European Union - which has a positive track record in fighting clientelist schemes - must preach for more transparency to unsettle nationalists’ claims, says the boss of Transparency International.
Enlargement 16-08-2016

New online income declaration system flops in Ukraine

Ukrainian efforts to stamp out tax evasion and corruption among public officials in line with commitments to the IMF hit a setback on Monday (15 August) when a new online income declaration system flopped at launch.
Development Policy 11-05-2016

Cameron caught on camera naming ‘fantastically corrupt countries’

British Prime Minister David Cameron was caught on camera telling Queen Elizabeth yesterday (10 May) that leaders of some "fantastically corrupt" countries, including Nigeria and Afghanistan, were due to attend his anti-corruption summit.

NGO: German firms mired in worst Greek corruption scandals since WWII

Siemens, Daimler, and Rheinmetall have been mired in cases of alleged corruption in Greece, the country that Berlin has repeatedly admonished for the parlous state of its economy.
Former Waterloo Mayor Serge Kubla was indicted for accepting bribes from Congolese officials. Belgium gets low ranks in Transparency International's report on anti-bribery measures

Member states get low marks on foreign bribery

Eleven EU countries have little or no measures set up to stop bribery in foreign business deals, according to a report published yesterday (20 August) by Transparency International.
Future EU 12-09-2012

European political parties to get higher profile

The Commission will propose today (12 September) an initiative giving European political parties and foundations new EU legal status aimed at boosting their visibility across member states ahead of the next European elections.
Public Affairs 13-07-2012

Big companies’ lack of transparency could spark new crisis: TI

Countries around the globe are struggling to rebuild their economies after the financial crisis. But the world’s largest publicly traded companies do not demonstrate enough transparency measures to help prevent another economic meltdown, says a new Transparency International report.

Transparency International: Corruption fuels euro zone crisis

  Gaps in governance and corruption undermine Europe’s financial and economic stability  and have contributed to the euro zone crisis, a report presented yesterday (6 June) by Transparency International suggested.

Corruption creeping up in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania: TI

The annual report of Transparency International revealed the poor performance of many EU member states in fighting corruption, with the poorest results recorded in Bulgaria and Romania, followed by crisis-hit countries Greece and Italy. Tellingly, some EU candidate countries appear to be doing better than current EU members.
Climate change 03-05-2011

Climate crime threatens billions in aid

Billions of euros could be plundered unless climate change mechanisms are strengthened and made more transparent, according to Transparency International (TI).