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Transport 20-07-2007

Sustainable Transport

The Commission set out a ten-year strategy on sustainability in the transport sector in its 2001 White Paper on Transport Policy. The strategy focused predominantly on balancing the different modes of transport, harmonising legislation within specific sectors, and enhancing transport safety. But, in an enlarged EU, under pressure from accelerating globalisation, high oil prices and transport-targeted terrorist attacks, the EU is looking to adapt its initial strategy.
Transport 03-11-2006

Transport: In Brief

A comprehensive overview of the main policies, key players, major milestones, current hot dossiers and future priorities in European transport policy.
Transport 13-09-2006

TEN-T: Building a Trans-European Transport Network

Building a trans-European transport network which connects all EU Member States is essential for promoting economic growth, social cohesion, competitiveness and environmental sustainability. However, major projects are being delayed due to a lack of funds and government coordination.