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Transport 16-12-2019

Bulgarian MEPs vow to continue the fight against the ‘Macron package’

Bulgarian MEPs made bullish remarks after they suffered a setback in the trilogue on the Mobility Package last week, which marked a victory in the push inspired by French President Emmanuel Macron.
Future of mobility 01-04-2019

German transport commission feels the pressure

EU Commission department for mobility and transport (DG MOVE) presented its progress report this week but critics see the proposals as insufficiently ambitious. Hardly surprising when the Working Group responsible was under serious pressure, said an attendant. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Digital 29-08-2018

Europe can lead the way in driverless vehicles, MEPs say

The EU should take steps to accelerate the process of putting self-driving vehicles onto Europe's roads to avoid being left behind China and the US, MEPs in the European Parliament’s transport committee said during a debate on Wednesday (29 August).
Transport 24-10-2017

EU auditors to examine passenger rights

The European Court of Auditors said on Tuesday (24 October) it would look into how passenger rights are implemented in the EU to examine whether EU regulation has provided effective protection of those rights, in light of discovered grey areas and legal gaps.
Transport 20-11-2015

Commission gives member states report card on transport performance

The European Commission is putting pressure on member states to step up their performance on transport--the Netherlands came in at the top of the list and Romania ranked last.
Transport 21-09-2015

Expansion of German HGV toll to revitalise national road network

Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt believes that the expansion of the HGV toll on 1 October will bring in revenues of over €300 million. An additional toll on light transport between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes has also been called for. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Transport 20-11-2014

Coalition petitions Parliament to ban night flights

A coalition of 140 organisations met with European Parliament representatives on Tuesday (18 November) to ask for a ban on flights operating at night. It also called on legislators to strip the aviation sector of the tax exemptions it currently enjoys.
Transport 15-10-2014

Logistics sector sings ‘cut red tape’ tune in Parliament

The logistics sector will lag behind if the EU does not regulate smarter, warned the Alliance for European Logistics (AEL) at a conference with legislators in the European Parliament transport committee last week.
EU Priorities 2020 15-01-2010

EU transport nominee wants ‘bigger money’, fewer projects

Siim Kallas, the EU's commissioner-designate for transport, vowed to defend a strategic vision at a European Parliament hearing on Thursday (14 January), saying he wanted EU money to be spent on large transport infrastructure projects rather than small ones.
Transport 12-10-2009

Ministers debate future EU transport funding

EU transport ministers agree on the future challenges identified by the European Commission, but stress the need to take into account the impact of the current economic crisis on the sector and make passengers pay more for using infrastructure. 
Transport 24-08-2009

High-speed trains ‘not the answer’ for cutting emissions

Heavy investment in high-speed train networks is not a viable strategy for fighting climate change and could place an excessively heavy burden on taxpayers, a report by a Swedish expert group has found.
Transport 18-06-2009

Commission outlines vision for future of transport

The European Commission yesterday (17 June) presented its vision for an integrated, technology-led and user-friendly sustainable transport system after 2010. But environmental NGOs complained that the vision failed to place sufficient emphasis on managing demand and neglected to put sustainability at the heart of future policies.
Transport 26-03-2009

EU completes ‘Single Sky’ airspace shake-up

Cheaper airline tickets, shorter flight times, less pollution and no more air borders: these are the expected benefits of the 'Single European Sky II' package of legislation adopted by the European Parliament yesterday (25 March).
Transport 13-03-2009

Transport: Better use of existing infrastructure essential

Building new road and rail infrastructure will not alone solve transport congestion - better use of existing capacity is needed to ensure smooth mobility of citizens, business and goods, stakeholders argued at a conference.
Transport 11-03-2009

Greening transport calls for more regulation, says EU official

Both market solutions and more regulation are needed to improve the environmental performance of transport, the European Commission at a conference on the future of the sector on 9 March.
Transport 04-03-2008

Technology not enough to cut transport emissions, says EEA

EU policies focusing mainly on improving vehicle technology and fuel quality are not enough to reduce the transport sector's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, argues the European Environment Agency (EEA).
Transport 27-07-2007

Europeans reluctant to give up cars despite environmental concerns

A majority of citizens believe that the use of less polluting vehicles and public transport should be promoted, but one in five would refuse to use their car less in exchange for better public transport, according to an EU opinion poll.
Transport 27-02-2007

Report: ‘EU transport policies failing on climate’

The surge in transport demand means that greenhouse-gas emissions from the sector are still steadily increasing, threatening the EU's Kyoto goals, according to the European Environment Agency.
Transport 29-06-2006

Commission favours logistics as path towards sustainable transport

Advanced logistics solutions have a vital part to play in promoting Europe’s mobility, sustainability and competitiveness goals, the Commission states in its Communication on freight transport logistics.
Transport 24-05-2006

Green campaigners warn about transport policy U-turn

The new EU transport policy risks undermining other commitments made on public health protection, energy and climate change, a group of environmental NGOs has warned.
Transport 07-03-2006

Road lobby calls for more investment ahead of EU transport policy review

As much as 20% of Europe's GDP is supported by road transport, according to a new study by the European Union Road Federation which rejects the Commission's 2001 idea of operating a 'modal shift' to rail.
Transport 03-11-2005

EU reconsiders transport policy

High oil prices are only one new aspect in the debate over Europe's future transport policy. Current weak economic growth will feature high in the review of the 2001 White Paper on transport which has just started.
Transport 22-07-2005

Commission seeks to revitalise major EU rail ‘corridors’

Concerned with delays in completing ambitious European rail routes, the Commission has appointed six high-profile politicians to build bridges between hesitant EU nations.
Transport 05-07-2005

Passengers unaware of their rights, Commission survey finds

EU citizens may enjoy ease of travel within the EU but they are still not fully aware of the rights they have as commercial passengers, says a survey published by the European Commission.