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Health 14-03-2016

Germanwings probe seeks ‘clearer rules’ on pilots’ mental health

French investigators probing the Germanwings plane crash called yesterday (13 March) for "clearer rules" on the lifting of medical confidentiality if pilots show signs of psychological problems.
Trade & Society 03-03-2016

Boris, Brexit and better trucks

London Mayor Boris Johnson wants the UK to take back control of truck design to improve road safety, but the UK will gain nothing by leaving the EU, writes Jos Dings.
Transport 20-11-2015

Commission gives member states report card on transport performance

The European Commission is putting pressure on member states to step up their performance on transport--the Netherlands came in at the top of the list and Romania ranked last.
Digital & Media 23-07-2009

Intelligent transport raises privacy concerns

The EU data protection authority has set alarm bells ringing over proposed rules governing intelligent transport systems (ITS), which are aimed at improving road safety but pose potential risks for citizens' privacy.
Transport 26-03-2009

EU completes ‘Single Sky’ airspace shake-up

Cheaper airline tickets, shorter flight times, less pollution and no more air borders: these are the expected benefits of the 'Single European Sky II' package of legislation adopted by the European Parliament yesterday (25 March).
Transport 10-09-2008

EU transport chief pledges to beef up airline safety

Transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani yesterday (9 September) told MEPs that he plans to tighten checks on Europe's airlines following the SpanAir crash in Madrid on 20 August, which killed over 150 people.
Transport 15-12-2006

Single Europe-wide driving licence from 2013

MEPs voted by a large majority to support the introduction of a common driving licence to fight-off "driving-licence tourism" by alcohol, drug and speed offenders.
Security 13-12-2006

Critical infrastructure

The atrocities of 11 September 2001 in New York, the Madrid train bombing in 2004 and the London Underground attacks in July 2005 have indicated terrorists' willingness to target infrastructures such as transport, energy and communication. On 12 December 2006, the European Commission adopted a Communication to improve the protection of European Critical Infrastructure (ECI) from terrorism.
Transport 29-09-2006

Life-saving technologies being ignored

'Smarter' car technology could save thousands of lives, but consumers are unaware of its benefits.
Transport 28-09-2006

Member states agree on stricter rules for air passengers

Experts have agreed to introduce Europe-wide rules limiting the size of hand luggage and the amount of liquid that can be taken on flights. 
Transport 22-09-2006

More cars, less accidents – but still more can be done

Car Free Day aims both to reduce the use of cars and to improve road safety. But, recent figures suggest that much more must be done to reduce the number of fatalities on EU roads. The European Transport Safety Council says potentially life-saving new technologies are under-used.
Transport 08-09-2006

Experts pause before banning liquids on planes

In a bid to prevent terrorist attacks, aviation security experts from the 25 Member States agreed to improve screening at airports but delayed a decision on banning toothpaste and drinks.
Brexit 05-09-2006

Transport security proposal could “cripple” small businesses

A Commission proposal to improve protection of freight transport against terrorist attacks could put many small enterprises out of business, according to the European Small Business Alliance (ESBA).   
Transport 01-03-2006

EU takes anti-terrorism fight to road and rail haulage

The European Commission is proposing a new voluntary scheme to enhance the security of shipments by rail, road and inland waterways against potential terrorist threats.
Regional Policy 21-09-2005

As bankruptcy looms, airlines face new regulation

High oil prices, new safety rules, environmental concerns, tax-for-aid, state aid restrictions, passenger rights - the pressure is piling up on European airlines with no apparent policy co-ordination.
Transport 26-08-2005

France, Belgium go ahead with publication of airlines blacklist

France is going to publish, on 29 August 2005, its existing black list of airlines barred from French airspace for safety reasons. The measure precedes an obligation likely to be introduced by the EU.
Transport 22-08-2005

Airline crashes underline need for blacklist, says Commission

A recent spate of four airline crashes demonstrates the importance of an EU-wide blacklist of banned airlines, according to the Commission. 
Security 03-08-2005

EU earmarks €15 million for security research

The Commission has announced a funding package for research into new transport security and border surveillance systems.
Transport 07-02-2005

Barrot presents 2005 transport work programme

Local authorities will be given more latitude to finance land transport under a modified Commission proposal to be unveiled this year. Global aviation deals, safety issues and road charging remain high on the agenda.
Digital & Media 17-09-2002

Presentation of first results working group on eSafety

On September 16 Commissioner Liikanen presented the progress and first results of the joint industry and European Commission Working Group on eSafety.